It would be better if it were the best weapon,Can have a certain increase in combat power,General jewelry or something,Unless it’s like a white tiger tooth necklace,With special attributes,Nothing else is useful。

If it’s just to absorb the space energy contained in the equipment,,The general equipment is not much different from Chiyue equipment,And Lu Menglin has absorbed enough space energy now,Finished bone quenching,Even more unnecessary。
“Lord Wuhao,I dare to say this,It will definitely bring greater benefits and value to adults,Otherwise Zhong Yefu He De He Neng?Dare to ask adults for benefits?”Zhong Yefu sounded in all directions,Catchy。
have to say,This person is really a hero,In addition to suffering from the variable Lu Menglin,Never lost a battle,Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called the No. 1 Wisdom in the White Sun Gate。
Zhong Yefu dare to be at this time,Take the initiative to challenge Lord Wuhao,On the surface, I want to get Chiyue equipment,Is actually proving his own worth to adults,This is the best way to save your life。
Chapter one thousand and twenty one Demon Altar
Lu Menglin is also the leader of the leader group,Why can’t I hear Zhong Yeo’s overtones??
He nodded and smiled:“Zhong Yeo,You can talk,What can you bring me?”
When Zhong Yeo heard this,,Suddenly overjoyed,He knows his chance to perform is finally here。
But the wooden knife on the side looked terribly gloomy,Don’t seem to understand,Why would Master Wu Hao reuse such a villain!
Zhong Ye Fu Zheng Shidao:“Lord Wuhao,Everyone!in fact,I know a secret about Chiyue Canyon。”
“Chiyue Demon Cave is not the last level of Chiyue Canyon,There is also a map here,Demon Altar。”
Zhong Yefu said these two sentences,There was a lot of discussion immediately。
“What am i supposed to say?It turned out to be the devil altar!When who doesn’t know!”Mo Wen was the first to jump out and sneered。
“Not bad!We all know the existence of the demon altar。”Even Long Zhanye is unhappy,Shen Sheng。
The wooden knife slashed the ground,Shen Sheng:“The legendary ultimate hidden in the demon altarboss,Scarlet Demon,Kill invisible,No one can kill it!Besides, the devil’s lair is randomly generated,I’m afraid it’s not that easy to find?”

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