“Treatment,Don’t worry,Five thousand basic salary,Plus some bonus or something,Should be no worse than the average white-collar worker。”Hu Yang continued。

Even mentioned the benefits,Huazai has nothing to hesitate。
Honestly,This job,He’s really interested,Not difficult,The degree of freedom will definitely be better than going to work。Simultaneously,Can still follow Hu Yang,More knowledge。
“it is good!Hu Gedu warmly invited,I have nothing to say。after,Please take care of Hu Ge。”
Hua Zi understands,My future work,In fact, to put it plainly is an assistant。
“Cross-related photos,Cross-related photos!Recently,I will purchase more sophisticated live broadcast equipment as soon as possible。”Mobile live broadcast,Sometimes problems such as picture quality are quite serious。
The two talked about the future live broadcast plan for almost two hours,Some things have been finalized。
After going back,Hu Yang just started to think about the reward——Elementary Treasure Eye。
He consulted the system,Only then did you know that the treasure hunting eye is elementary、intermediate,There are three advanced levels。Elementary Treasure Eye,Can only identify treasures worth less than five million;The intermediate treasure hunter is to identify treasures between 5 million and 50 million.;Advanced treasure hunting eyes have no restrictions。
Populus thought:Then,The next step is to upgrade the treasure eye。
at night,He received a call from his parents and bombed。Anyway,The couple are very dissatisfied with their son losing his current job。
“Parents!How about this?Let me mix for a while,If you are not famous,I will listen to your arrangements。”Hu Yang speaks his thoughts。
Hu Yang’s parents were silent on the phone for a long time,Finally chose to take a step back。
“Remember what you said!”

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