Ten minutes later,Jiang Yan is here,Her appearance also stunned everyone around。

“I go,Is this woman really Jiang Yan??Why didn’t i find out,She can be so attractive?”
“Isn’t this normal??Do you think women are very bad?She is very beautiful,Dress like this this time,That’s even more beautiful。”
“Ha ha,I know,This woman will have trouble with Jiang Yan。”Both sides are watching。
Cuckoo already knows the news,He wanted to dissuade from the past,But how could this be discouraged??
some things,That’s also very disheartening。
After all, a rich and powerful guy,There is nothing to fear。
According to Jiang Yunyun’s words,That is once she can’t hang on,That’s just going home to take over those businesses。
Where can I worry so much??In this case,Where can anyone else manage??
Jiang Yan walked up to Qin Feng with a gentle face and asked:“Find me in a hurry,Is this something??”
“Yes,If you don’t come yet,Your man is going to be snatched away,This woman said she would take me away,Do you approve?”Qin Feng also hugged Jiang Yan,Very softly。
“So?If anyone wants it,Then take it。”Jiang Yan was also very charming and smiled while holding Qin Feng’s chin:“Anyway, I don’t think,A guy like you should have been taken away。”
“Haha,This thing,That’s normal。If it is convenient,Come in too,I just talked about many things directly,If you approve,Such a thing,We can all speak slowly。”
Qin Feng’s meaning is also very ambiguous,No one understands,What does it mean。
After going in,Qin Feng directly put Jiang Yan on his lap and sat on a chair。
This incident is also a big shock to Jiang Yunyun,Is this Xiu Enai?Jiang Yan is also a bit shy,After all, Qin Feng rarely does such a move。
Of course,This is also closed outside。
Otherwise,I don’t know what will happen.?
“Ha ha,This thing,We also said directly,I don’t fit you,And this is the one I like。”

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