“Qin Hao,This time thanks to sniping there,Otherwise we……”

Fei Lang glanced at these people who got off the plane,There is a touch of complexity in the eyes。
“The situation in Crobia has changed drastically now,Next is when they fight back。”
“We should leave too,”Flying Wolf continued。
The expatriates and workers have been rescued smoothly,This is the time to go back。
Chapter Thirty Six Duty,Counting rewards,Return to base
The diaspora and the workers on the battleship are all left behind。
When I saw members of the Firebolt Special Forces finally board the battleship,Everyone is in tears,Very excited。
“thank you all,If not for you,We don’t know where we died?”
The diaspora and workers around are very grateful,Like they expressed their gratitude。
At this time, the members of the Firebolt Special Team slowly emerged from the loss of their comrades.。
The task they completed this time was too difficult,If not for the fatal blow from the last battleship。
They definitely can’t get out of Black Green City,Everyone has a look of rejoicing。

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