Principle of medicine supplement

Principle of medicine supplement

In TCM health care, medicine supplement is an important method for health maintenance and has always been known to people.

  Medicinal supplement is the supplement of traditional Chinese medicine. It is aimed at the obvious qi, blood, yin and yang of the human body. If the food supplement cannot correct its correction, it should be supplemented with traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of Chinese medicine.Fine, spleen and kidney, so that the body yin and yang tend to balance, rickets fitness, longevity.

  Chinese medicine has four gas.

Four gas is also called four sex, which is cold, hot, warm, and cool.

In addition, there are some Chinese medicines that are mild in nature and are called flat drugs.

Although traditional Chinese medicine actually has cold, heat, warm, cool, and flat five-gas, the role of flat drugs is not significant for cold medicine or warm medicine, so it is still called four gas.

The disease has the syndrome of heat and cold. Generally speaking, most of the drugs that can cure heat syndrome are cold or cold drugs. Most of the drugs that can treat cold syndrome are warm or hot drugs.

  Chinese medicine has five flavors.

Five flavors refer to the symplectic, sweet, sour, bitter, salty and five flavors of the drug. Different flavors of Chinese medicine have different effects. The traditional Chinese medicines with the same taste have the same effect.

Xinwei medicine can be divergent, qi or maintenance, suitable for indications and qi stagnation and blood stasis; sweet is sweet, sweet medicine, can be urgent, nourishing, suitable for weakness or restrained tight pain; sour medicine can converge, solid,Applicable to sweating, nocturnal emission, long-term diarrhea, etc.; bitter medicine, can diarrhea, heat, dampness, venting, suitable for heat and dampness; salty drugs can be soft, loose or diarrhea, suitable for constipation,Lumps and so on.

  Chinese medicine also has the characteristics of returning classics.

It belongs to the attribution of the efficacy of the drug. It is the genus of the viscera and the meridians. The classics are the traditional Chinese medicines on the human body, and the meridians have a special effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a selective effect on the human body due to its four-sex and five-flavors. The meridian has a selective effect. If a certain medicine has obvious effects on a certain or a certain period of time, it will be returned to this or a few times. For example, ginseng has a special effect on the spleen, lung and heart.Return to the spleen, lungs, heart.

  Due to the four-gas, five-flavor and returning characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, different Chinese medicines have different regulating effects on human body’s gas, blood, yin and yang.

If the body’s qi, blood, yin, yang deficiency, viscera dysfunction, you should choose the appropriate Chinese medicine to regulate, such as using Chinese medicine to qi, blood, Yin, Bu Yang, Buxin, kidney, spleen, liver,Fill the lungs, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of health care.

  The mechanism of action of traditional Chinese medicine in health care is mainly reflected in the protection of spleen and kidney, replenishing phlegm and diarrhea, and regulating yin and yang.

  1.Protecting the kidneys, the spleen is born with strong endurance, and the day after tomorrow is too nutritious, which is an important condition for human health and longevity.

The kidney is the birth of nature, the foundation of life, and the place where Yuanyin Yuanyang is.

If the kidneys are full, the body’s ability to metabolize is strong, and the rate of aging becomes slow.

The spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. It is the source of qi and blood biochemistry. The nutrients needed for the life activities of the body must be supplied by the spleen and stomach.

  Therefore, the fitness anti-aging function of Chinese medicine is mostly based on the maintenance of congenital, the day after tomorrow, it is to protect the kidney, the spleen and stomach as the focus, supplemented by other methods, so as to achieve physical fitness, longevity.

  2, qi and blood, diarrhea and stagnation drugs tonic to fitness extension, the main principle is to use drugs to compensate for the disadvantages, thereby adjusting the body’s yin and yang qi and blood deviation, coordination of visceral function, dredge the meridian blood, so that the body is functioning properly.

The bias of the body, that is, the two categories of imaginary and real, therefore, in the use of drugs to compensate for the disadvantages should be based on the principle of “virtual supplement, but actually diarrhea”, according to the actual situation of dialectical medication.

  The deficiency of qi and blood yin and yang is the main manifestation of deficiency syndrome.

In the aspect of drug health, it is supplemented with drugs, so that the body can be conditioned, qi deficiency people qi, blood deficiency people nourish blood, yin deficiency people yin, yang deficiency people impotence.

By supplementing and conditioning, the human body’s qi and blood are filled with yin and yang, so that the imaginary person is no longer imaginary, and the body can be strengthened and extended.

  The stagnation of qi and blood foraging is the main manifestation of evidence.

In the aspect of drug health, the drug is used to regulate the body, so that the body can be conditioned, so that people with qi stagnation, bloody people become phlegm, people with wet phlegm phlegm and phlegm, and those who are hot are hot and cold.People are driving cold, this is the way to diarrhea.

Through the drug diarrhea, to smooth the blood, dampness and stagnation, dredge the meridians, heat, cold, to achieve blood, through the meridians, coordinate the purpose of the organs, so that the human health and longevity.

  It must be pointed out that in the yin and yang of qi and blood, people who are purely imaginary are relatively rare.

This is because people who are qi-deficiency often have both empirical evidence. When taking medicine, they should have diarrhea and diarrhea.

  All in all, whether it is tonic or diarrhea, it is to adjust the body to compensate for the disadvantages, so as to extend the role of fitness.

  3, conditioning Yin Yang Chinese medicine believes that the reason why people live healthy and longevity is because of the balance of yin and yang blood, resulting in “suffering?”

“Impery Heaven” said: “Yin Pingyang secret (refers to the yin and qi, the yang is solid, the yin and yang are harmonious and maintain a relative balance, then the body is healthy.
Pleasant spirit), the spirit is rule.”

In order to maintain health and prolong the life of medicine, the basic point lies in yin and yang, adjusting the yin and yang of the yin and yang, and the conversion is again attributed to the dynamic equilibrium state of “Yin Pingyang Secret”.

This is just like the Qing Dynasty Chinese medicine Xu Lingtai said: “The trial of its yin and yang is the victory, and the profit and loss makes it flat.

It can be said that “profit and loss make peace” is the key to supplementing medicine, and it is the concrete embodiment of conditioning yin and yang.
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