Moon,Want to see the star to see the deer“true colors”,Specialize in Xia99,I will hold her between several tricks.,Twisted the arm on the back,Say to Pity Star:“Look!This is just one!”

“Master,You torched me.!You still have to play big brother,Then I am、Then I can come back.!”Small ninety-nine is not happy,On the side, it is actually unexpectedly,From the hands of the moon。
at the same time,Invitation month is a bit surprised,I just pinched the palm of the little ninety-nine wrist.,See the transparent skin,At this time, it was actually displayed.,but……It’s just a gray,As if petrified!
“not bad。”Inviting the moon to praise a sentence,Then the palm part of the Xiaoguang people,After the extraction flashes,Skin recovery transparent。
Pity Star is also slow since surprised,Firmly said:“elder sister!You have to face your own heart!Feelings are to fight for themselves,It is not a way to kill others.,Take!”
“Hehehehe……”Moon decision,First 揍 揍 妹 一,After that, it will be abolished by Chu Deirers.……Do not,Interrupt two legs,Reinterpret this misunderstanding。
Just at this time, the voice of the people is produced from all directions.,For a time, I invited the month, I also slightly.,Then, the Chu Deirers played to the moon.——Buddha asked!
However, the moon in the moon,Obviously, much more than Chu Deirers imagined,“Buddha asked”The chanting cannot make it shake at all——I teach my sister、Teacher dog man、Taught,What is wrong??Buddha can’t manage me!
At this time, the Chu Deirers also found,Small ninety-nine actual combat,It seems that than Murong is also strong,Already close to the pity star。
But even if so,Even if the three people have,Also just a little“Depress”Some arms of the moon,Even and“suppress”It is not too big to close。
certainly,There are also three people who have no desperation.——Pity is not to say,Be in“Refighte your sister for your sister”,The inner heart is also very grateful to invite the moon.,Just can’t look at her right“Big brother”Shot,And Chu Deirers……
Just known,It turned out that the moon actually had such an emotion to himself.?
Just because of yourself“Derogatory”NS?
It turns out as long as she faces her face,Before derailed, boyfriend,You can harvest such a great feeling?
Pity star does not say,I really didn’t find it.……
So the Chu Deirers can’t sit down.!
at this time,Ordinary rain is originally waiting for the temple in the distance,Because this is too moving,Come over,Hereaway,Shen Guanghong far away,It’s hard to see it.。
See this battle in front of you,Shen Guanghong is straightforward——It is really true that it is really descendant with the rivers and lakes.?
This master is,Is it easy to meet now??
two“Luminous”Take your hand,Popularly venting the vast power,Nanmu returns around the gray breathing,Even if you are blown by a palm、Hit on the tree,Also no loss,I can also see a flourishing on the tree.,It seems to be petrified……
There is also a golden glitter.,Whole body Buddha light four shots、I have a Zen with straight heart,And the San San!
at the begining of,Shen Guanghong only recognizes South Murong,I am fortunate to the small ninety-nine strength.,Compared with Murongjiu,More to play《Fossil》True meaning,Special effects,Therefore, Shen Guanghong also didn’t pay attention to your body.,Just can’t be seen from the wearing is Murong Gongzi。
Then look at it carefully.,Shen Guanghong discovered,Golden figure is not a sorghum,Hair……And it is clear that Chu Deirers!
Shen Guanghong is also a bit wonderful——It turns out that Chu Daxia is the Buddha Master?How can it be called“Red and white”Woolen cloth?
And at this time, because someone was observed.,Invitation moon directly to prepare the exterior……
Now you can’t make it《Ming Yucheng》Eighth layers of special effects,However, if it is transmitted to the rivers and lakes,There is always exposed。
Today’s things……Invitation, the moon is also very bad!
Even how to set up another woman、Indifference、Super girl……Invitation month or feel,Today’s things have been passed out,She will be even worse。
Compared to below,Just kill the mouth……
Obviously be siege,But invitation month but want to retreat、Directly from the battle,I came to Shen Zhonghong between a plunder.。
“no!”Chu Deirers quickly drink。
Shen Guanghong saw the most powerful figure,It’s actually going to you.,I suddenly rose a chill in my heart.……
Do not!
Not just the bottom,Shen Guanghong is full of cold,I only feel that blood is about to solidify.,Can’t move at all——《Ming Yucheng》The effect of the seventh floor,Natural eighth floor can also be used。

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