2021 World Public Science Quality Promotion Conference held in Beijing

Xinhuanet Beijing December 1st (Wang Huiwen) On November 30th, the 2021 World Public Science Quality Promotion Conference held in Beijing with the theme of "Building a Green Home" in Beijing, China’s high-level decision makers related to important science and technology organizations, institutions, Top scientists, well-known scholars and related representatives, etc.Countermeasures, promote green development achievements, enhance human civilization.

The Secretary of the Partyer of the General Assembly, the Secretary of the Party Group, the Vice Chairman of the Initial Management, the First Secretary of the Secretariator, Zhang Yuxi and General Assembly, support unit UNESCO, International Science Council (ISC), World Engineering Federation (WFEO), development The person in charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the United Nations Environment Program is delegated in China. The United Nations Environment Program is in China on China to Tuuri and published a video speech. China Science and Technology Association Information Center is directed to the Secretariat of the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Joint Director of the Espinisa, Global Security Research Institute, US Energy Security Council Senior Consultant Gaelru, Indonesia The President of the Academy of Science, Sutrio Susmanterbrojoro, Turkish Science and Technology Research Committee Chairman, Hanzimadar, academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University Professor, Tsinghua University, China and foreign guests do the main report.

The opening ceremony was hosted by the Standing Committee of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, and Hosting the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Zhang Yudao pointed out that green development is a profound revolution in human development concepts and patterns. Realize green development, inseparable from scientific support, inseparable from the awakening and environmental protection of everyone’s environmental awareness. China attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, actively participating in global environmental governance, earnestly fulfilling environmental related treaties such as climate change, biodiversity.

Zhang Yushuo enhances the public scientific quality, promotes green development, three initiatives: the promotion of the concept is connected, fulfilling the joint responsibility of the construction of beautiful earth; deepening pragmatic cooperation, condense the overall integration of environmental governance; promoting achievements, promoting the balanced coordination of global green development .

The UNESCO Assistant Director-General, Shami Larne, said that enhancing the public scientific quality is a powerful tool to address climate change, and UNESCO has promoted scientific quality through intergovernmental and international scientific planning, and seeking sustainable developing. Gong Ke, chairman of the World Engineering Organization Federation, believes that we must fully understand the new requirements of the sustainable development of public scientific qualities, and hope that the world will work together to promote the development of scientific quality of world citizens. Chairman of the International Science Council of Peter, emphasized the effectiveness of scientific spread, called for the best communication mode and means, and enhanced public scientific qualities in real guiding significance.

Roman Munqi, Executive Director, Executive Director of the Developing Council, pointed out that scientific quality is very important for individuals, organizations and even all human beings, and hopes that the establishment and development of the world’s public scientific quality organization can further promote the promotion of the world’s public scientific quality. Tuuri and said that the public’s understanding and support for scientific and technological achievements, we need to promote the popularity of science and technology worldwide, and promote overall improvement of all human scientific qualities.

The participating guests have a highly inspirational primary sharing around scientific quality and green development. Espinis, Patricia, shared an important resolution 26th UN Climate Change Conference on Certification of Climate Change, emphasized that scientific quality on public policy development and citizens’ behavior is very important, and it is excited "Paris" Key elements of the agreement to show potential.

Garrufte pointed out that the importance of adapting to climate change is not asged to mitigate climate change, and must be scientifically promoted energy transformation, respond to ecological problems such as climate change, and should be scientific attitude in green transformation. Sadrio Boro Nego is emphasized that it is necessary to enhance public scientific qualities and promote the social participation of green development.

Hassan Madal introduced the experience of Turkey to carry out scientific and popularized ecological civilization construction, and he was very affirmed "World Public Scientific Quality Promotion Beijing Declaration" for the practical significance of promoting international cooperation in scientific quality, and hopes to jointly improve the global scientific quality, and promote green development. .

Zhu Jianbin introduced the development of friction mechanism and the development of super lubrication, emphasizing that super lubrication applications will inspire global energy conservation potential and call on the public to understand its important role in green development.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Tsinghua University issued the main report. The China Science and Technology Association Information Center is for map to international cooperation exchange results display sectors. The General Assembly issued the main work results of the World Public Science Quality Organization Preparatory Committee 2021 "Framework", aimed at service, guiding different countries and regions Scientific measurement and precision of public scientific qualities. At the same time, the "Public Scientific Quality Promotion" The Award Ceremony of the Science Video Creation International Competition. The competition received more than 40,000 contributions around the world, members of the Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, and the Secretary of the Secretarians and the Chinese Science and Technology Museum of China, were awarded awards from the winners.

At the meeting, the "Public Scientific Quality Promotion" The Award Ceremony of the Science Video Creation International Competition. At the closing ceremony of the General Assembly of China Science and Technology, Meng Qinghai, a full-time vice chairman of the China Association, secretary of the Secretary of the Science and Technology Association, expressed his gratitude to the participants, and he pointed out that the world’s public scientific quality promotion conference was held in 4 years to achieve fruitful results, presented Good development momentum, hoping all parties, accelerating the construction of the world’s public scientific quality organization, further strengthening the exchange cooperation mechanism, and effectively promoting the promotion of global scientific qualities.

The World Public Scientific Quality Promotion Conference was initiated by the China Science and Technology Association in 2018. It is committed to building a global, comprehensive, high-level exchange and cooperation platform in scientific quality, promoting the promotion of the world’s public scientific quality, and better responding to science and technology and social development. Global common problems, service promotes human sustainable development. From December 1st to December 3, 2021 World Public Scientific Quality Promotion General Assembly Six Technical Forums, Focus on the Future of Global Scientific Quality Construction, the Beautiful Future of the Scientific and Technical Innovation Talents, the public Scientific quality construction and green development, urban health development and public scientific qualities, public scientific quality improvement and technology innovation.

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