Lu Menglin is not a priest,But he is trying to use scientific methods,To grasp the preferences of the bright dragon god,So as to analyze the probability of offering good things。

The reason why these intermediate sacrifices are only intermediate,In addition to space energy,Maybe because of their material,It’s just because of some dark races that are not really powerful。
Lu Menglin suddenly had a bold idea,If you put yourself on the altar with the body of the gods and demons,Maybe it fits the taste of the bright dragon god.。
Unfortunately,Seven intermediate offerings,No items or skills that make people shine,Just let Huang Shaotian upgrade smoothly,Became a second-level priest。
It seems that if you don’t use system black technology,,It is estimated that the sacrifice will not produce good things!Lu Menglin secretly guessed。
Seeing that the sacrifice event is coming to an end,Huang Shaotian puts his hands together,Silently recite the words of praise to the bright dragon god,Ready to close。
“Almost forgot,I still have something to sacrifice。Huang Shaotian,You go out first,I want to stay here alone。”Lu Menglin suddenly said。
Although Huang Shaotian was a little surprised,But she never opposed Wu Hao,Besides, today’s sacrifice,All the graces received were directly distributed to her by Brother Wuhao。
She feels she has got too much,This last sacrifice,Leave the grace to Brother Wuhao!
Huang Shaotian nodded,Turned and exited the Temple of Miracles。
Lu Menglin took out the head of the Zuma leader from the system space,This thing should be an advanced sacrifice,The space inside is very powerful。
“Got up,start work!Give me another crazy sacrifice!”Lu Menglin called to the depths of his mind。
quickly,The cold reply from the system came in my mind,“let’s start!”

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