“What do you think?”

“what!”Qin Feng didn’t know how long he thought about it,Until Qin Xibei comes out of the shower,He just woke up suddenly。
“Ask what do you think?I asked you to take a bath,You ignore it。”Qin Xibei wiped the drops of water from her hair,While asking。
“Didn’t think about anything。”Qin Feng replied like a wandering。
“Still said nothing,Don’t think about anything,I told you to give me a bath, why don’t you go,Pretending not to hear。”Qin Xibei gave him another look,Questioned。
“I didn’t hear,Take a bath?”Qin Feng said casually,Suddenly felt something was wrong,Reacted immediately:“what?Take a bath?”
Qin Feng ashamed,Fortunately I didn’t hear it,Otherwise I can be embarrassed alive。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight Married a daughter-in-law and forgot sister
Anyhow, I am also a young guy with a lot of emotions,And it’s still the same year,When the firepower is booming,Qin Xibei dared to let herself give her a bath。
Even Jiang Yan herself never gave her a bath!Qin Feng thought。
But then again,Even if Qin Xibei stood in front of her,I must have taken smoke pills,Dare not touch her。
“what happened,I pulled you from childhood to adulthood,I scrubbed you every day when I was young,Now let you serve me,You still don’t want?”Qin Xibei glared at Qin Feng and said。
“My queen,We are all adults,Can you pay attention to the impact,I used to be alone in the same room,Enough to explain。
I’m helping you take a shower,Be known,I don’t care,I am a man,What about your reputation as a woman??”Qin Feng said,I always feel that something is wrong。
Paused and continued:“Nonsence!I am a man,Not good,I am a man with a family,Then we two,It’s hard to argue!”
“I’m not afraid,Why should i explain,Who can I explain to,The person i care about most,In front of me,Do i need to explain to others?”Qin Xibei said indifferently。
“But i……”

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