If the beauty of Su Xuehen,Is the beauty of empty valley or orchid,Fresh and moving,Can be seen from afar,So the beauty in front of me,The peony blossoms,Not only charming,And also passionate,People would rather turn into moths to fight the fire and want to get closer。

“Kim So Yeon?”Lu Menglin was really surprised now,Dumbfounded,Speechless。
Just now when I entered the small yard,I was so nervous seeing Su Xuehen,He didn’t notice that there were others in the house。
After I was going to talk to Su Xuehen,,Go find Kim So Yeon,Have a good talk,I didn’t know that these two girls moved together。
Lu Menglin don’t remember,When did these two become so good!and,Two women moved together,This scene inevitably makes people dreamy,I feel like I’m going to make someone cheaper!
“All right!Let’s talk!I went to cook!and also,My request is,Don’t bully Miss Jin!Understand?”Su Xuehen glared at Lu Menglin,Leave lightly,Only the two people separated by half the screen window。
Kim So Yeon leaned against the window lattice,Blinking affectionately those big talking eyes,Bit his lip lightly,Whisper:“Sorry。”
Lu Menglin forcibly resisted jumping through the window,The impulse to embrace beauty,Deliberately stern:“What are you sorry?”
Kim So Yeon’s voice is like a mosquito,I don’t know it was intentional,I still answered carefully:“I shouldn’t join the tens of billions club,And didn’t tell you。”
“Miss Jin’s net worth ten billion,Joining the Ten Billion Club is a matter of course,Don’t tell me!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Seeing Lu Menglin’s cold tone,Kim So Yeon feels bitter,I couldn’t help but lower my head,Muttered:“Aunt Su told me,We want to help you win the secret medicine group,She asked me to do it。”
“She asked you to do it?Next time she asks you to sell me,Did you do it stupidly??”Lu Menglin stared,Said。
In fact, of course he knows,With Kim So Yeon’s snow and ice intelligence,If not for myself,Su Yi can’t tell her。It’s just that I don’t discuss with myself,Put yourself in danger,Of course I have to teach a lesson。

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