It stands to reason that Chenguang Group’s cadre restaurant can do everything,But when Lin Ling heard Xia Jian was leaving,She must ask Xia Jian to have a western meal in the city。Thus,To rush to the city again。

Chenguang Group in the suburbs,It takes more than half an hour to drive to the city。When they came out of the group,The sky is completely dark。There are no street lights in the suburbs,When they walk on the road。Lin Ling couldn’t help but sneered while driving:“Keep up again,Really a dog can’t change eating shit“
“accelerate!Find an intersection ahead,Then find an ideal place by the road to stop“Xia Jian said with a serious face。He still doesn’t believe it,They drove the car to a place where nobody,The vehicles behind dare to follow。
Lin Ling shook her head and said:“forget it!Don’t participate in this matter anymore。Zhang Zihao is a rascal,You are unfamiliar with him“
Xia Jian looked back and glanced behind him,Then he said to Lin Ling coldly:“What do i tell you to do,What you do。You will understand everything in a while“
Although Lin Ling is confused,,But Xia Jian said to her with a serious face,She can’t help but listen,So I kick the accelerator。The speed was raised immediately,At an intersection,Lin Ling reduced her drive a bit,A flip。The car drove into the dark again。Because this is a small road,There are no street lights on the road。
“Stop here!“Xia Jian said loudly。Lin Ling said nothing,Slammed on the brakes。The car made a harsh cry,He stopped abruptly。
Suddenly a bright light flashed,A car roared,Stopped more than ten meters behind them。Xia Jian opened the car door and walked down。
“do not!What are you doing in this dark?“Lin Ling shocked,Reach out to pull Xia Jianshi,Xia Jian has gotten out of the car。He walked towards the car behind him。
at this time,The silence all around。Only the road behind me heard the hum of vehicles passing by。The car has stalled,Can’t see anything in the dark。
Walk to the front of the car,Xia Jian reached out and patted the car and shouted:“You all come down!”
“who are you!Tell us to come down”Someone stuck his head out of the car window,Extremely unfriendly。
Xia Jian under the cover of night,Leaped out with a stride,When the person reacts,He has grabbed one of his hands on someone’s shoulder。
The man tried to break free,But Xia Jian’s hands are like iron tongs,It can only be grasped more tightly。
“get out!Get out of me,Be careful i squeeze your shoulder”Xia Jian said coldly。Listening in the dark,Still a bit scary。
“Big brother!Just let me go,We’re not doing this to eat a meal”The man suddenly changed,Maybe Xia Jian made him a little overwhelmed。
The strength in Xia Jian’s hands has not only been relaxed,But aggravated。The man howled like a pig:“Big brother!Zhang Zihao made us do this,He just wanted to make Lin Ling feel scared”
At this moment,Suddenly the light of a car lights up,It turned out to be behind this car,Also parked a car。Just listen to a voice and laugh wildly:“You fucking lie and don’t look behind you”
There was a sound of footsteps,Zhang Xiaohao walked over with four burly men。Xia Jian used the lights of the car behind to see clearly,There are really only two people in the car in front。

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