The sky is getting bright,The scenery outside the car window is faintly visible。Xia Jian found out that the woman sitting next to him dozing off was only in her early thirties.,Looks pretty,I don’t know why she does this business?

“Big brother!We should go down here and take the national road,It’s not safe to keep going high speed。There should be an unknown town ahead,Let’s go down here into the mountain and make a circle and then take the national highway,It’s much safer”
The second driver suddenly said。The boss in the co-pilot just nodded,He did not speak。It looks extremely sleepy。
Xia Jian pulled his thumb hard,Found the handcuffed tightly,His feet can’t move at all。He saw that the woman next to him was sleeping very heavily,So he turned his head slightly,Look towards the rear of the car。He found a green jeep not far behind the van。
Is a coincidence,Or the police followed from behind?Xia Jian is not sure,I played a snare drum in my heart。If the van gets off the highway from the front,This car will follow,That’s the police, it might be bigger,Otherwise he will just be happy。
Xia Jian calmly observed。Just when the van went down from a high-speed exit in a small town,This jeep also slowly followed。Look cautiously from the jeep,Xia Jian made sure,This is the police car, no doubt。
It may be the reason why everyone is sleepy in the morning,These guys seem to have relaxed their vigilance。Speed up,Stopped in a small wood not far from the town。May be due to Chinese New Year,This place is very quiet,Let alone human,Not even a bird。
“The second child is tired from driving,Just stay in the car and rest for a while,Other people go to town to replenish energy。Fourth, find a gas station by the way,Pay a high price for a small barrel of gasoline”
The boss said,I handed the bag in my arms to my second child。Xia Jian has a look,I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep。
The fourth child turned around and pushed the woman sitting next to Xia Jian,I didn’t worry about checking the handcuffs on Xia Jian’s feet,After finding the error, he opened the door and jumped down。Xia Jian deliberately put his head in the corner,Pretending to fall asleep。
Which woman pushed Xia Jian gently,Found that Xia Jian didn’t wake up,She said to her second child while getting off the car:“Second brother!You can sleep well for a while。This guy fell asleep too,Besides, he was handcuffed,No problem”
“Got it!You guys go quickly,Lock the car door”
The second child said,He stretched his arms,Then yawned a long time,He just climbed onto the steering wheel,After a while, there was a slight grunt。Opportunity here,He should seize this opportunity to escape,Or subduing this cock。
Xia Jian’s little heart beat wildly,But he couldn’t think of a way,at this time。

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