“There should be room for maneuver。”

“You mean to say,They can’t help themselves?”
“At least I didn’t kill you all?Although you cut him,But just like that,If he shoots again,You are afraid there is no chance。”
Li Tianzheng thinking hard with his head,Xiao Jinren’s words gave him a glimmer of hope,These warriors in the Temple of War are a terrifying force,If you can re-call it,Zhang Zhiqiang and Zhang’s family are nothing wrong,But if used by others,That’s a big trouble,Imperative,Still have to start from the root cause。
“How did they come to this world?How did i come?”
“Waiting for you to wear seven flame armor,When fully awakened,Everything will be clear?”The little golden man shook his head and smiled bitterly,If he knows all this,Li Tianzhen is afraid that he would have completely awakened long ago,of course,He also realized the secret and seriousness of the situation,The power of the temple warrior is too terrifying,He can’t solve it,I had to quote what Wen Xin once said in the other’s memory。
Li Tianzhen was choked for a long time and couldn’t catch it,And the anxious look of Shin Yingjie next to him makes him feel sorry,So I stopped paying attention to Xiao Jinren,He tried to raise his head and squeeze a smile at Shin Yingjie,“Rest with me,It’ll be fine in a while。”
Shen Yingjie puzzled,But the appearance of Li Tianzhen,She sat aside obediently,In the dark cave,I can only hear the heavy breathing of the other party,Want to share the pain for him,But don’t know where to start,I worked hard for a long time and I gave up asking,The only thing she can do,Just to cheer up,Watch out for all potential dangers。
Don’t know how long it took,When the mountain shook violently again,Li Tianzhen finally raised his head,He seems to have completely got rid of the tremendous mental pain caused by the injury of his spiritual consciousness just now,He stood up and moved,Feel no discomfort,Suddenly thoughtful。
Jiakui’s behavior is worthy of scrutiny,First use the ecstasy to lure his consciousness,Obviously wasting time,Use after being found‘Thousand illusions’Hit his mind hard,But no further harm was done,So inferred,Jia Kui doesn’t want his life,But procrastination and trial。
It’s better to understand the delay,If they are all controlled by the powerful life here,Naturally, he is trying to prevent him from entering the underground palace,But the temptation is a bit far-fetched,The only reason to support this hypothesis is that they recognized the leaf knife,But it is still unclear whether the person holding the leaf knife is the owner of the Temple of War。
Because no matter how powerful the magic weapon of life is, it may be refined by a powerful opponent,Especially after the owner of the magic weapon has fallen,This may be quickly amplified,If you think about it from this angle,Jia Chou’s behavior is understandable,After all, I don’t know how many years have passed,Things are not。
Figure this layer,Li Tianzhen has regained some confidence,Checked the sea of vitality,Still 20-30%,If you don’t have that kick‘God’s Footprints’,Vitality will be more,It seems that Jiakui is really merciful。
And Shen Yingjie back to the three-way intersection,The two were surprised to find that the fork on the left was missing,There are only two roads left,The middle road is going straight forward,The other is the place where I just fought fiercely with Jiakui。
Jia Kui removed the channel illusion created on the left,And left the passage on the right,Li Tianzhi thought for a while,Chose the middle way,Go straight。
Narrow and steep trails,Slope up,It didn’t take long to see a dark shadow blocking the front,A strong breath,Can’t see the person’s appearance,Just by aura,Li Tianzhen judged that he was a rival。
“friend,Nowhere,Let’s go back。”

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