As for Shen Xuan itself?,Then shrug shrug can’t make a smile。

“but,Now you now,It’s really stupid.。”
“only,You really think,This looks very useful,So very obvious,You are completely wrong.。”
When Shen Xuan is in front of his eyes,The more like this,In fact, treat this,How to do it?。
Light is this,In fact, it is,It’s not enough to turn around.。
Although now,It’s so saying.。
But for this situation,What should I do?。
In fact, the inner depth of the three sons,Still with a hate。
“Humph,You really think,Will this look enough??”
“Now,I will kill you,Be sure to kill you!”
When the three son looked at the eyes,Treat this,How to do it?。
In fact, the three son itself,It’s completely ignorant。
After all, this,In fact, it is,How should I plan to do it?。
In fact, do something else,It is nothing to say.。
The more you now,This is actually,I should start from what respect to what respect。
Light is currently these things,Actually look,It’s not enough to come.。
“very good,But now,How should I handle all this?,In fact, I still feel,A big cut!”
When the three son looked at the eyes,He at this time,Fashionable more。
but,In front of the three son,Three sons looked at the eyes。
For the current,In fact, how can I don’t know how I might??
“all in all,Since you have to do it now,So I see,I am full of you.!”
When Shen Xuan said on this,quickly,Shen Xuan came here。
Three sons of those people,I started to shoot here,Trying to plan,This stops Shen Xuan。
However,Three sons don’t have this opportunity。
Because he found,The speed of this,It is completely unexpectedly unexpectedly。
“This,Why is good end?,Will become now?”
“That’s right,Who said is not?,Such a thing,Let’s everyone,It is completely unpredictable.。”
“Just now,Let’s everyone,How should I solve this?。”
This,What is said around。
After all, this is next.,In fact, in the strict sense,It’s too scary.。
As for Shen Xuan,It is very light。
“Look,You are still too panic.。”
“But now,Don’t you find it?,Even if you do more,In fact, it is also completely helpful.。”
As Shen Xuan said here,The more now,In fact, for these things,In itself,But it has been completely settled here.。
And Shen Xuan,Those people around them are brushing to look at the eyes.。
After all, I will follow it.,How to do it?,In fact, it is these,In itself,It’s not simple to come.。
“Look,We are between we,It should also be broken earlier.!”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, it is now,Shen Xuan is speed to speed up,Quickly arrive in front of you。
Fall here,Shenxuan’s face,The three son’s eyes with a murder。

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