This splitting process lasted for about eight minutes,it’s finally over。

Abu is cracked,A lot of blood ran down the limbs,Soaked most of the floor of the grass house。
At this moment,Abramovich,Twisted his neck first,Then opened his mouth,There were dry syllables from my throat。
Only heard a wow,A bruised black blood clot was spit out from Abu’s mouth。
“How long will it take to adapt?”A Jianglong suddenly said。
Abu stared,It’s just that I don’t have the same awe in my eyes,Grin,Showed a strange smile。
“it’s OK now!Thank you!My dear brother!”Abu used a very hoarse and unpleasant voice,Say word by word。
A Jianglong shook his head,Frowned:“Go out and clean up!You soiled my place!”
Abu,In other words, Abu nodded when he was occupied,Bowed to A Jianglong,Turned around and walked out of the grass cottage。
A light breeze,Gently cover the Caolu Gate。
Who is in Myanmar
Lord Ajianglong who is admired by thousands of people,Actually got up from the straw mat,Then leaned down,Personally wipe the blood on the floor。
His expression is so focused,Click,His movements are so skilled and standard,Not even the best part-time worker aunt。
If anyone in the Caolu can see this scene at this moment,I would think it was a miracle,Because Lord A Jianglong has nothing in his hands,There is no such thing as a rag。
But the blood and dirt on the floor,But disappearing little by little,As if swallowed by some inexplicable force,Disappear forever in this world。
A quarter of an hour later,In a robe,Abu with bare feet,Back to the cottage。
This time,He sat down on the wooden chair without hesitation,Sitting on an equal footing with A Jianglong。
Because this chair was originally prepared for him,Every time I came to Caolu,Will sit here,It’s just that this time the process is slightly tortuous。

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