Before, he thought that Lu Menglin had been with Jiang Qi.,Now it seems,It doesn’t seem to be the same。

Listen to his tone,It seems to be an equal cooperative relationship with Jiang Qizhi,Even people still demand him,This is too unscientific!
“Aren’t you a college student?Really want to mix these things?”Chen Jiannan hesitated。
It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Lu Menglin,If you don’t believe this kid,He won’t come at all。
but,Chen Jiannan doesn’t believe in Jiang Qizhi who has never met before,The other party is a big brother,Don’t even think about it or know that it’s a powerful character who eats people without spitting out bones,Just rely on Lu Menglin’s words,I have to cooperate with this kind of person,Is this really good?
“What happened to college students?College students also have tempers!People sent that bad finger to deal with me,I can’t join together,Join forces to fight back!”Lu Menglin pouted,Smiled。
“Moreover,Enemy of the enemy,Just friends!Xu Kaishan wants to swallow Jiang Qizhi,I happened to make Jiang Qizhi believe me,Let’s join hands with Lao Jiang,Bring Xu Kaishan down,Don’t you think this is a very meaningful thing?”Lu Menglin talked freely。
Chen Jiannan was at a loss for words,Logically,There is no problem with his logic,The problem is just,A big guy like Jiang Qizhi,Do you really listen to you?
If only to get out of the wolf den,If you get into the mouth again,Isn’t that a big joke。
Chen Jiannan hesitates,Because of this decision,May determine his future destiny,Is a blessing or a curse,Is life or death,Just look at this shop!、
“Forget it,I’ll call him now。During the time he came,Decide whether you want to stay!”Lu Menglin took out his phone,I dialed Jiang Qizhi’s phone。
He decided to push,If Chen Jiannan is willing to stay,Just give him a future,If he doesn’t want to believe in himself,Then he can only go。
Winter in the deep city,As long as the sun is willing to come up,Then you can hardly feel the cold。
The four seasons are not clear in this city,There is only one sunshine distance between summer and winter。
Eight fingers sitting in the red Santana,Car parked on the side of the road,In the car is the famous song by singer Adu。
“You sit

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