Thus,Chu Deirers don’t need to urge east,I will stay in Wudang cultivation first.。
Whether you have to go to the Heroes Island to drink porridge,Still next year with the gold waves again,Or is it faced with Zhao Tie’s conspiracy……
Martial power is the only shortcut!
Before Chu Deirers’ thoughts on the four swordsms,Can it be“Taoism”In which。
In theory, since the tires can be bleed into other human body,To collect the robbery,There is also a successful experience of assisting Xiaozhao work.……So staying in the sword,It seems possible!
after all“Mood”This is able to remain outside,Just like Master’s little scorpion、珑……
Can you refer to“Mood”Residue,Order the tire can stay in the outer object,Not limited to people?
Even if I can’t seem to be the same as the fairy,Control Taoism is like an arm,At least a large compression“Human sword”time needed。
For the idea of Chu Deirers,Zhang Zhen people have no complete negation,However, I didn’t have it immediately.,After all, this is a field that Zhang Zhen is also unfamiliar.。
First, the Tagad is divided into a Chu Deee because the starting point is too high.,So in will“Taoine release bad”During the bottleneck,Will naturally reject the product。
Because in the solitary teacher,Absorb sufficient torus,Now“Taoine release bad”Not only arrival speed,And when breaking through the bottleneck,There is no mission of the tires that can be used as it.,So there is also a small tire in Xiao Zhao!
But it is,Chu Deirers did not master,A magazine who splits the tires……
Normal at least four times,Can you make four tracks——That time, Chu Deirers have broken.“Seven”,How long does it take?,And the realm of its own skills,It will also be more harmed with the strength of the Chu Deire.,Will there be a nature of the tires to be nature!
The robust that is absorbed there,It is not necessary to use it at that time.……
What’s more, Chu Deirers want to play new flowers,Maybe it will be successful once,I will make one or two times when I arrived.,That demand is greater。
Therefore, the first thing to solve the Chu Deirens.,How to actively split the tire。
although“Taoism”And Zhang Zhen people are completely two roads,But Zhang Zhenren still from“Tai Chi”Angle,Give a thinking……
“Taoism”Cut,Not a simple disaster,But refers to the disaster、Novole,A gas generated among the meditation。
That is, a relative conversion……
Can be pushed to the random、Amnesty,Between a lifetime,Seeking Taoquysheng……
Chu Deirers practiced in Wudang for a month,智 智 智 复 复,Darkness meets with Chu Deirers!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 674 Night meeting
“Who are you going to see tonight??”
Chu Deirers suddenly reacted,It is Zhang Zhenren asking himself.……
Zhang Zhen people are now injured,Basically, it is quiet,So there is a lot of time every day,Gushi people drink tea,By the way, Chu Deirers can also use“God sensation”Assist one two。
certainly,The internal gap between the two is too large.,Although Zhang Zhen is not a broken sky,But after the sky,There are also many changes in the body.,Chu Deiren this small fuel tank,It is difficult to offer,Just talk about no,Even if the date is left in Wudang,Also just a few years、Become a year,Therefore, the Chu Deirers are not ready to leave.。
See Chu Deirers Surprise,Zhang Zhen grates the tea ceremony:“A month ago,智 智 智 传 传 传 入,Also want to have a poor pass??”
Chu Deiren heard,I didn’t take extra 马 fart.,After all, I am a forgotten year of Zhang Zhen.,Not a generation of people。
“Zhang Zhen feels,What martial arts should I exchange??”

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