(Chinese entrepreneur said) Li Mingyu: Consolidating the whole industry chain to help Chinese medicine standardization

From September 23rd, 2020 China Brand Day series is held in Shanghai. Li Mingyu, Chairman of Shouxian Valley, said when Xinhuanet "Chinese entrepreneur said", enhancing the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine must establish a total industrial chain quality control system. Through modern science and technology, it is truly safe, effective and stable. Control.

Shouxian Valley is a born old-fashioned Chinese old name, and it is also a comprehensive modern Chinese medicine national high-tech enterprise such as the famous Chinese herbal medicines and rare foods and rare foods. .

In May 2017, Shouxian Valley was listed on the motherboard of the Sitono, became the first share of China Ganoderma lucidum and Iron Dendrobium.

At the most critical moment of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, Shouxian Valley active action, 24 batches to Zhejiang aid Emergency medical team and first-line epidemic prevention workers, donated a total value of more than 10 million yuan of Ganoderma spore powder and other health products.

Good medicine, medicine is good. Talking about the new kinetic energy required for Chinese medicine under the new development pattern, Li Mingyu said that innovation is a constant theme, and standardization is the voice and standardization of products, and the core factors of the internationalization of Chinese medicine.

After 41 years of science and technology research, Shouxian Valley establishes a breeding, cultivation, deep processing and other traditional Chinese herbal industry chains, and cultivated 7 good varieties such as Ganoderma lucidum, Tieji, Dendrobium, Western Red Flower, which have independent intellectual property rights, and establishing scale, standardization. Imitation wild organic cultivation base, overcome Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, developed a third generation of Shouyu Valley, which is more than 8 times, and the third generation of Shouxian Valley, which is more than 8 times, and the third generation of Shouxian Valley. The product quality control system that effectively covers the production process is built, and more than 60 national, provincial and municipal major scientific research projects have been borne.

"Every product we will do a large number of scientific experiments. Through the real basis, the safety and effectiveness can be accessed, and the consumer can reach the basic expectations, the brand will continue to be consolidated and recognized by the public. "Li Ming said. As of now, Shouxian Valley is leading and participating in 73 industrial standards, including 4 international standards, national standards, industry standards, local standards and group standards. In addition, "ISO21315: 2018 Chinese Medicine -" ISO21315: 2018 Chinese Medicine – Ganoderma 21370: 2019 Chinese Medicine – Tiedrodium Dendrobium "" ISO21370: 2019 Chinese Medicine – Tie Jie Dendrobium "is released.

The standard release, providing a unified standard for international trade in Ganoderma lucidum, Tieche Dendrobium Industry, is seen as a major breakthrough in internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

This is also a strong manner that my country’s Chinese medicine companies under standardization is highly driven.

On September 25th, Shouxian Valley dominated the international standard project of Ganoderma lucidum and Iron Dendrobium, and won the "2020 Zhejiang Standard Innovation Contribution Awards" issued by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. "’Organic-Industry Chain’ production model ensures the quality and safety of the medicinal materials, and the whole process of producing raw materials to the processing can further enhance quality supervision.

"Li Mingyao said, the next step, Shouxian Valley will rely on the development of high-quality and high-efficiency specialty industries in the imitation wild Chinese herbal medicine, improve the quality of Taoist Chinese herbal medicines, and actively integrated into the Yangtze River Triangulation, let Traditional Chinese medicine inserting modern technology wings, more Good service public. "2020 China Brand Day Series" is guided by China Brand Construction Promotion Association, Xinhua News Agency, State-owned Assets Supervision Commission of China; Xinhua News Agency National Brand Office, Xinhua News Agency News Center, China Economic Information Society, Xinhua Net, China Financial Information Center jointly hosted; China National Brand Network Harvesting. During the event, the brand nights will be held in the same period – the national brand night, 2020 China Brand Building Summit Forum, 2020 China Brand Day Evening Evening Participation, etc., aimed to promote national brands Help the opportunities and challenges under the new development pattern. (End).

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