Lin Yoona said with a smile:“Chu Yao’s capable person should cultivate her well,I believe she will stretch her fist in the company,Let yourself shine。”

Xiao Fan nodded and said:“Yes,She seems to have a certain talent for handling company affairs,And she also likes this thing herself,I want her to do what she likes to do,After all, they were all cultivated by me。
So I hope each of them can do some work according to their own wishes,Although Chu Yao is very caring about some things about the base。
But if things about the company can make her more immersed in her work,That’s good too。”
Lin Yuna agreed very much:“Indeed,Besides, Chu Yao has suffered a lot over the years,So young to be the same as today,Must be my own effort,There is such a result。”
Xiao Fan nodded,Actually, both of them feel very sorry for Chu Yao and Yiming,Both of them feel that these two people seem to be working slowly all the time,Never seem to ask for anything in return。
But always consider others,Always want to do more for others,Only in this way can you realize one of your own values。
Chapter five hundred and eighty four On track
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona talked about other issues during their meal,The two people have something in common on many topics now,Because things in the company are often handled the same。
So the two of them will also discuss some contractual issues,Sometimes Lin Yuner would ask Xiao Fan for advice,Many companies deal with problems,Xiao Fan will patiently give her advice,What to do in this place。
At that time, Xiao Fan sent a gold medal team to Lin Yoona so that he didn’t let you help Lin Yoona work.,During that time,Lin Yuna’s company did have some problems。
But fortunately, with Xiao Fan’s help,Similar turmoil soon subsided,Then the company is getting better and better,Now Yoona Lin also has her own way of managing a company。
But many times she would still ask Xiao Fan’s opinion,After all, Xiao Fan is really good at managing companies in her eyes,And very powerful,So she will also ask Xiao Fan’s opinions。
Xiao Fan’s opinions are really useful to her,Sometimes it may be overwhelming,Just let her know how to solve this matter,The two had a very happy meal。
After eating, I plan to go home and rest,Because I just came back from a trip,Still have to rest well,Especially after Xiao Fan came back, he went out to handle work,Just come back now。
Lin Yoona doesn’t want him to be so tired,But she also knows that Xiao Fan also has a very clear understanding of her body,Xiao Fan won’t feel tired,I don’t think these things take too much time。
And some things need to be handled in time,Otherwise Xiao Fan will feel awkward,Or feel thoughtful,Lin Yoona also understands Xiao Fan’s temper,So just let him go。
I just hope that he can have a good rest at home after work,After returning home, the two of them took a break without doing any work.。
Yiming and Chu Yao simply sorted out the files in the company,Because Chu Yao will take office the next day,So Yiming wants to confess a lot of things to Chu Yao tonight。

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