Because he is just a member of the T-team,And it’s the kind of little people at the bottom,The three of them suddenly became a C team,This change made him a little unacceptable for a while,More worried,Worried that the three people’s attitude towards them has changed。

In fact, Brother Zong used to take care of newcomers who just entered the city,only,After those newcomers have climbed to the top,Leave him without exception,I even laughed at him, the trash that still remains in the T-team。
New generation for the old,Although the number of T-teams is large,But soon it was like a big wave washing the sand,Some people died,Some people are promoted to the C team,Someone like Zong who has been in the T-team for so many years,Not much。
“Zongge,What do you want to eat tonight?Or eat out at home?”Lu Menglin stepped forward with a smile,Put his arm on Zong’s shoulder,Asked affectionately。
Brother Zong was a little flattered by his intimate actions,Especially when the gang members next to them all looked at them with that strange look,He feels even more frightened。
“How about let Xiao Huang cook?!Her craft needs to be improved,Give her more opportunities to practice。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“it is good,it is good!It’s up to you。”Brother Zong feels a little excited,Although the C team is not the top of the gang,But anyway, it’s much better than myself。
He was afraid that from the mouth of these three people,Say something bad,I have to draw a line with my own waste.,I heard that Alu is still the same as before,I feel more comfortable。
Chapter nine hundred and seventy five Chiyue Canyon
Lu Menglin and the group of three,Accompanied Brother Zong back to his small yard。
“Zongge,You take these jade yuan and equipment,Just treat it as our meal money from now on!”Lu Menglin piled up all the things the three people had brought from the Greenwood Club on the table,To Zong Huaichun。
Neither Huang Shaotian nor Liu Wenzhang said a word,the reason is simple,The two of them can’t look at this thing。
If this is changed to God City,A dozen jade yuan,That’s the cost of a box of rouge gouache for the beautiful swordsman,Not to mention Liu Wenzhang, Liu Chengzhu。
The equipment distributed by the members of the Aoki Club C group is also very general,Not even Zuma sets,If Huang Shaotian took out one of the best Reaper gloves Wu Hao gave her,It is estimated that the equipment of the entire group C will not be enough。
“This,How embarrassed is this!This is your salary,It’s a fight for my life。”Zong Huai stammered。
“Nothing,There is little yellow,The three of us will definitely be able to enter Group B in the future,This thing is nothing。I ate Brother Zongda for half a month before,Now it’s our turn to be the boss。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

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