“Our poor place,Ride with a car,Just now everyone heard that you took Xia Sanye to Xichuanhe,I ran to wait for you,Want to have fun,I didn’t expect you to stretch out your face,Let’s ask about work first,Is something troublesome??”Zhao Hong said,He turned around and poured Xia Jian a glass of water。

See the water,Xia Jian felt not only thirsty but also hungry,I got up late this morning,I didn’t even care about breakfast when I got downstairs,And ran back on a motorcycle。
Took a sip of water,Xia Jiancai took a breath and said:“Nothing,But I have a lot of emotion along the way,I feel more and more that the burden on our shoulders is very heavy,So when I see everyone sitting here,I’m a little worried,I did not do well,Remind me more later“
“Who are you mine?“Zhao Hongbai looked at Xia Jian and said,But they both laughed at the same time,Everyone who smiles is a little bit interesting。
Wang Degui’s house,Chen Yueqin was smiling,While pouring tea for Wang Degui who just came in,Asked while smiling:“his dad,Come back so fast this time,Isn’t it because they didn’t agree??“
Wang Degui wiped the sweat from his forehead,Kind of happy to say:“Became,With my old face,Although relatives say they are not happy,,But still called the city in front of me“
“dad!You mean I can report to the city government now?“Wang Youdao stepped in,Asked anxiously,This is a bit at odds with his usual character。
Wang Degui glanced at Wang Youdao,Whisper:“Not urgent,Go by tomorrow,But relatives said this time,I want you to perform well during the internship,Can you stay in the city government office?,It depends on you“
Wang Youdao nodded and said:“Good dad,I know what I should do,Will never let you down“
Wang Degui took a sip of tea,Suddenly asked Chen Yueqin:“A temporarily new motorcycle was parked at the door of the village committee,Everyone is watching,Whose is this?No one in our village can buy this stuff?”
Chen Yueqin,Said coldly:“Who else,Xia Zecheng’s son bought it,Didn’t this bastard buy it with the money from the village committee??”Chen Yueqin said suspiciously。
Wang Degui couldn’t help but coughed twice and said:“This bastard,So much money,Really confusing,In case he really touched the money in the village,Then he is over”
Wang Youdao who is about to go out,Heard my father say this,Then stopped,There was a sly smile on his face,He said after a long while:“It’s best to use the village money”
August 16,It’s the hardest day for people in Xiping Village to forget。
The water house at the west end of the village has been built,And the pipes are also distributed to every villager’s home,Everyone just wait、Looking forward to releasing water today,The arrival of this historical moment,Everyone is so excited。
Just after ten in the morning,Four or five small cars drove far away,Xia Jian stood on the water house,See far,The leader is a jeep,This should be the car of Pingyang Town Government,The second one is a Santana,He knows as soon as he guesses,This car should be the leader of the city government。
When the car is more than 100 meters away from the village,Xia Jian shouted loudly:“Start!”
Suddenly,The west end of Xiping Village is the drum music,The rehearsed Yangge team also danced from both sides,A lively scene。The villagers also put on their best clothes,It feels like new year。
The car stopped,Ouyang Hong was the first to walk down,When she saw Xia Jian,Ran over,Suppressed his voice and asked:“Are all ready?Deputy Mayor Chen came in person”
“All right,Don’t worry!”Xia Jian said very positively。

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