Xu Lihong is a woman after all,One did not pay attention,I almost fell and sat on the ground by Gong Xiaohai。Gong Xiaohai looked even more energetic,He jumped up and kicked。

Still swearing,It means he wants to show Xu Lihong a little bit of color。Xu Lihong was beaten by Gong Xiaohai without the power to fight back,I can only protect my head with my hands。
At this moment,Wang Youcai who is hiding in the room realizes that he can’t stand it,He rushed out in one step,Before Gong Xiaohai could react,He raises his leg is just a kick。Gong Xiaohai is thin,Plus what he didn’t expect,Xu Lihong’s house will really rush out of a man。
Wang Youcai’s foot just stepped on Gong Xiaohai’s stomach,Just listen to this guy snorting,Half a bag of cement thrown out by the entire portrait,I fell a meter or two away with a snap。
Wang Youcai is not good at anything else,But fighting is his specialty。He has been doing this in Xiping since he was a child,Had it not been for Xia Jian’s constraints。Wang Youcai may become the big brother of Pingyang Town,So sometimes he has this incident,I hate Xia Jian。
Of course,Wang Youcai’s skill is really not worth mentioning in front of Xia Jian,But tidy up a gangster like Gong Xiaohai,He is quite confident。
Gong Xiaohai’s frightened face,He just got up from the ground,Wang Youcai rushed up and kicked again,This foot just stepped on Gong Xiaohai’s ass。This guy rushes,People are already lying outside the gate。
Gong Xiaohai was beaten and at a loss,He gets up and runs,Wang Youcai still wants to chase outside,But he was stopped by Xu Lihong:“Wang Ge!Don’t chase,Your two blows have made me very relieved“
Listen to what Xu Lihong said,Wang Youcai just stopped,He said cursingly:“Damn it,Dare to run in front of me。You remembered,Encounter something like this in the future,Don’t be afraid first,Just give me a call”
Xu Lihong smiled slightly,No more words。Actually she was thinking,Call you,Your phone shuts down frequently,When you come,The day lilies are cold。
Back to the house,Wang Youcai lay on the bed and said:“I can’t go out during the day,What should you do just go。When i go,I will lock the door for you”
“See what you said,You finally come to my place,I have to accompany you for a long time。How about this!You sleep for a while,I will cook for you now。Since I can’t get out,Then make a list for me,I’ll go shopping for you”Xu Lihong is very smart,She knows Wang Youcai’s current situation。
Wang Youcai didn’t say a word,Instead, he took out an Agricultural Bank card from his pocket。He smiled and said to Xu Lihong:“There are more than 5,000 yuan on this card,You bought me something,Keep the flowers for the rest!”
“Thank you brother Wang!You are so kind to me”When Xu Lihong said this,,I was so excited that I almost shed tears。
Lunch is easy,Two dishes and one soup,Wang Youcai only ate half a bowl of rice。He is also a face,He usually likes noodles at noon,He is to make do with other things。
But he was very happy to eat,Because Xu Lihong didn’t know where he got the bottle of red bottle,The meal for two people is very emotional。Xu Lihong is also very happy,She gave Wang Youcai some food,Said with a smile:“Wang Ge!Or you take me to the mountains too!”
“you?What are you doing in the mountains?Doesn’t it mean you only sleep with me?!”Wang Youcai smiled,Just made a joke。
Xu Lihong took a breath and said:“I’m just idle every day,Why not let me accompany you。Anyway you are single now,Doesn’t affect you anything”
According to Xu Lihong,Wang Youcai is really tempted,But he thought carefully,Feel wrong。After all, he already has Yao Chunni in Chenzhuang,And the distance between him and Julan is one step closer。

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