“brat!”Wicked man showing figure,Appeared in front of Li Ming:“Congratulations,Enter this sacred place?”

“Supreme Land?!”Li Ming knows naturally,But Xiang pretended to ask in surprise,“senior,Could it be this place and the highest level of practitioners in the legend‘Supreme’related!”
While talking,While looking at this evil man—Its appearance is actually quite similar to the eternal family。
“Not bad!”A smile appeared on the evil man’s face,More proud,“My host,Named‘Pauline’,Countless practitioners respect him as‘Pauline Supreme’,He walks in the vast chaotic universe,In addition to several other supreme can be compared,Invincible。It was he who established this supreme place!”
“Follow me。”The evil man ordered,The leader Li Ming goes forward。
It seems that I haven’t talked to anyone for billions of years,This evil man was talking to Li Ming all the way。
“That war,The war with the Sith……Taoist,And ordinary emperors can’t participate,Top emperor(Lord of the Holy City)Is the most common cannon fodder,Domination is considered an important combat power!”
“Gathered the power of the entire practitioner civilization,Under the leadership of the five supreme,The Supremes act as knives,Killing the Sith is important everywhere。Such as this black stone wall building,Is actually a warship,Of course it can be said to be a terrible war fortress!”
“This warship can easily tear time and space,Walk through the boundaries,Can kill the master in an instant。”
“At the beginning,My master found this warship,Although the Nesis tribe controlled the ship to flee,But the master still escaped into the battleship and killed wildly,Completely destroy the entire warship,Killed all the more than 30,000 Sith people inside,Tear up all the puppets,All extinct,Don’t leave one!”
“But in the next billions of years,Some puppets seem to be torn apart,But some still have the ability to recover,as time flows,They gradually recover,Even actively collected some other puppet parts to repair。So there are still a few puppets alive,These are just remnants,No threat—of course,Is for the owner,Even the real master,If you join forces with those puppets,It can take some time to clean up。”
“even,The strongest puppets actually made the body of the silver-clad Daojun,The mundane lives left by the Sith,Cultivate some of the worst Sith minions,Really ridiculous!”

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