“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,You can not be right, you can say this.,My mouth is not strict.。”

When Li Hui said,Eyes can’t help but look at Zhao Xiaoli,Seeing Zhao Xiaoli is nervous,I look forward to watching him.,He is also a little dare to go again.。
“Xiao Li,So say so,You young,capable,Even if you say it,Uncle is not shameless,At least you are more than uncle,Your scorpion is coming out with you.,That is also because you look good.,good body shape”Liu Dafu said that after the praise, Li took the wind.,Then:“But others are different.,Our village can match your scorpion,I can’t find one,Plus someone else, I really don’t worry.,How do I say that I am in the village is also a cadre.,This is spread from others.,That is awkward。”
“Moreover, I feel that you will not say。”
Liu Dafu said that Li Hui is looking at Li Hui。
But Li Hui Feng is shaking his head.:“Liu Shu,Scull,I really can’t agree this.,The man is with a woman that is emotional.,Without feelings, it is not responsible for women.,You still find someone else.。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng is ready to start。
Today, he also understands,Why did Zhao Xiaoli seduce him three times?,It seems that this two have already had this intention.,It’s just not to succeed.,So I chose the showdown.。
How did Liu Dafu have never thought that Li Hui Feng will refuse?。
After all, Li Hui Feng himself recognizes,I saw Zhao Xiaoli, if I didn’t think it’s not normal.,As long as you are a man, there will be impulsive。
“Xiao Li,You are disappointing you is not beautiful enough.?”
“Neither,Liu Shu,Puzzles are very beautiful,Also very sexy,I have said that as long as it is a man likes,I would also like,I am just a person I like.,Girlfriend,I promise you,Then I am the unfairness of my girlfriend.,So I really can’t agree this.,I really can’t learn, I have learned the newspaper.,Borrowed,That kind, no one can rest assured。”
Looking at Li with the wind,Liu Dafu directly pulled Li Hui,A sadness,A face of sadness。
“Xiao Li,This incident, in addition to you, no one can help uncle and scorpion.,I will tell it.,Your scorpion except you,Other men can’t see it.,Your scorpion, she is a good woman.,Very conservative,If it is not uncle, it is really not possible.,Your scorpion will not agree with this matter.,If you don’t help us,I am willing to be a little later.。”
Said that Liu Dafu is moist.。
Zhao Xiaoli is still standing at this time.,Go to Li Hui,Some are shy while some lost。
“breeze,I have no way to talk to your uncle.,If you are afraid of your girlfriend,Then I am going to tell your girlfriend.?”
“Forehead,Scull,This can be made,This kind of thing is more and more black.。”
Li Hui is facing these two things,It also feels a big head,He never thought of the magical things on the newspaper,Will happen in reality。
“Scull,Do you make me think about it?,I will feel some unacceptable for a while.。”
“Row,Then go back first.,After waiting for the year, let you find you.。”
Looking at Li Run, running out the gate of the wind.。
Zhao Xiaoli can’t help but sigh:“Old Liu,It seems that our two sides are destined to have a child.。”
“who said it?
Xiao Li didn’t say it??
you are so pretty,Remember your people, but the big existence,If you are not those who are doing you?,How many children do we want??”
“Especially the second strong,Every time I come to our home, I will fall to the ground.,However, Xiao Li is indeed the best candidate.。”
Liu Dafu is also not to understand why Li Fan is rejected three times.。
“Wife,Never tonight half night,Let’s take the initiative to find him??”
The seventh hundred and fifty-five chapter Xu Laifu
“This is not very good.?”

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