There is no law and rules here.,Only the most naked survival。

There is no sympathy here,People are like a grass。
Strongman is respect!
What is the same,Not you don’t pull the knife,Can survive in underground world。
Interrogate,Victoria next to it is surprised,“summer……”
No reminder,Summer pair of swordsters almost stand up,A dark scorpion blooms illuminates cold light。
Two women appeared in this moment。
They are all Western women。
One of the women’s faces,The temperament is extremely superior。
Her five senses is beautiful,Existing oriental charm,There is also the depths of Westerners,Skin is generally white,Three thousand blue silk pour,Beauty suffocating。
But she is more americly in the genity。
Actually is a fantic!
On her opposite her, standing a blue-haired woman,The girl’s blue hair like a water screen is usually dropped in the shoulder.,Pelico curve,Extremely hot。
“She is your person.。”Victoria,“I really want to remember her.……Margaret,Is it right?Blue enchanty in the underground world。”
Blu hair woman is indeed Maggi。
“summer,Here, I can notify it.。”Victoria’s voice continues,“One is your hand,One is a woman who loves you love to die.……correct,Do they know??”
“know。”Summer nodded,“And very familiar。” What he said is the fact,When the fantasy is still in the summer, I know that summer went to Qinghai.,After that, I chased past.。
In the military field,Xianti has been together with Maki fight together。
They are generally moving as lightning,Leave a debris in the city,Constantly collision,Flying handsome。
霹雳 噼 碰 撞 不 于,Every moment will hit a dozen times,Can’t capture with the naked eye……only,There are many people who have frown on the annular table.。
Even if Victoria also exposes a deep eye。
Others may not see,But how can these people can’t see it?。
The two people in the field appear to be vast,In fact, it is simply a small rain.。
In these masters,The two are too fake.。
No signs,Summer is from the ring high platform to make a residual shadow,In the moment, it has joined the battle.。
His whole person transitions forces,The air of the body is faintly distorted,It’s like a speed too fast.,He moved in the field,Like a fried thunder。
Along with a high-ranked intensive collision such as scoop,Xianti and Maji respectively go back to both sides。
They did not continue to attack,But I look quietly in the summer.。
No nonsense in summer,After turning, turn around。
This is the right to referee。
certainly,I have to have this strength,Change to do an ordinary master entry,Can’t separate them at all。
certainly,Summer ruling is obviously lost,But he is not here。
Unfortunately,Some people don’t want to let him。
“and many more!”

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