Su Sei Ming has always been face,Anyway, he is not going.。

Mu Zi looked at him with his eyes,“What can you have any good things?,Or do you want to know which home??”
Su Seiming shakes his head:“I don’t want to know the things in the head of people.,I just want to know,Who starred to the female?”
“Go! Go! Go,Can you tell you this big mouth??
Your mouth has no door,I just have to say a minute later.,You can do it all over the world know,This is not,Have enough mystery。”
“When you come to official, you will know,Besides,Where is it so curious?,Go home to raise your body。”
Mu Ziyu is impatient,If you tell Su Sei Ming,He is not surnamed Mu。
“You tell me that I will not be less meat.。”
Su Shengming looked at him。
Mu Ziyi smiled,Take a shot of his shoulder:“Buddy,Do not plant fruit trees to eat peaches,Sitting to enjoy it??”
Su Sei Ming:“……”Matters,I want to care about it.。
“I have always enjoyed it.,Is this not my wife??
I have to have some。”
Su Sei Ming a wife,Calling can be hot。
Muzi:“……”“okay,We are also very strong,You go back。”
Mu Zihao doesn’t want to listen to him to show off his wife.。
Groups to show off the wife to show off the daughter,Is this not bullying him no daughter??
He also has to work hard,Regenerate a daughter to show off。
“not going back,I am looking for you today.,How do you always let me go back??
I haven’t talked to you for a long time.,I am special with you today.。”
Su Sei Ming smiled。
Mu Zizi is not particularly good.,He is still working here.,Su Sei Ming’s breath performance him is a bit wrong。
“you say,whats the matter?
After finishing it, hurry,I still have a lot of work.。”
Su Seiming mysterious smile,road:“That Ap,When will you prepare for a second child??”
Muzi:“……”I can’t keep up with his rhythm.。
“Auspicious is still small,hold on!”
Su Sei Ming is some disappointed:“you say,How is Ah 尧 and A become blessing??
A triple tire with dragon phoenix,A dragon baby,How do we have a single tire??
Do you want to take it??”
Muzi:“……”It’s going to show off yourself.。
“You are stupid,This kind of thing can also be used?”
Mu Zizi is just taking him.。
“no,Three tires are great.,Longfeng fell is great.。”
But it’s really great.,Ding Xingwang。
“I am distressed my wife.,One child is enough。”

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