Tianjin introduced measures to strengthen supervision of "one hand" and leadership team

  Recently, Tianjin has introduced a number of measures to strengthen the supervision of "one hand" and leadership "", promote the "CCP" on strengthening the opinions of "a hand" and leadership supervision "implementation, further compaction all levels of party organizations and leaders Cadre supervision responsibility, improve supervision system, improve the quality of supervision of "key minorities", and promote comprehensive development from severely governing the party.

  "Tianjin pays attention to the implementation of practical experience and institutional achievements in the" one hand "and leadership team supervision in recent years, ensuring that the ‘one hand’ and leadership will supervise the effect.

"The responsible comrades of the Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission.

In document drafting, "the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on Strengthening the Implementation Opinions of Strict Party Subject Responsibility (Trial)" "Tianjin" The relevant content of more than ten normative documents such as the Party Committee, Government Party Group and the Party Committee of the Municipal Party (Party Committee) to the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, etc. In the measures to measures each work task, strive to meet the organic unity of the central top design and local practices, together. "Measures" puts the supervision of "one hand" as a main line, throughout the part.

"Measures" clearly proposes 7 initiatives to strengthen the supervision of "one hand": Strengthening the supervision of the party organization from top-down, the superior "one hand" is a good job of "one hand", strengthening the "one hand" to fulfill the first responsibility The supervision of human responsibility, strengthen the supervision of "one hand" to implement democratic centralism, "three major" decision-making system supervision, patrolling patrol work close attention to the "one hand" discovery, improve the system, implement discipline inspection agency, organize The person in charge of the department is the same "one hand" conversation system.

  "Measures" clarified the supervision of "one hand". For example, members of the leaders at all levels should listen to the party’s party’s work style and clean government construction situation every half year, and supervise the supervision department and the "one hand" to perform comprehensive from the strict governance party responsibility, and to make integrity and self-discipline, find problems in time Education reminder. All districts, each municipal department "one hand" with the lower "one hand" conversation is not less than 30% each year.

Discipline inspection and monitoring organs, organizational departments at least at least 1 sub-party party committee (Standing Committee) meeting, the party group meeting, through supervision and inspection, assessment research, etc. The person in charge of the discipline inspection authority, at least one talk about the "one hand" in the sub-level "one hand" annually, and found a general question to the conversant, discover serious violations of laws and discipline reports to the "one hand" report "a hand".

  Strengthening the supervision of the leadership of the same level, "Measures" clearly proposes 8 measures: strengthen the "one hand" to the education management supervision responsibility of the leadership team, strengthen the members of the leadership team mutual supervision, improve the power of the power, and supervise the mechanism, strictly implement democratic life Will and organize the living meeting system, urge other members of the leaders to fulfill the "one post and double responsibility", strictly implement leading cadres intervene significant matters record and reporting system, improve the political ecological analysis and development mechanism, improve the discipline secretary talking reminders, the situation report system .

  The situation of members of the leader, the superior can’t see it every day, the lower level can not see every day, the same level is the most familiar, find the problem to make each other, teaching a sleeve, often can receive more than half of the effort.

"Measures" clearly stated that the party committee (Party group) "a hand" should fully carry forward the spirit of struggle, resolutely break "good people", often talk to the team members, and dare to point out the shortcomings of the existence, help improve. The members of the leaders discovered that "one hand" has important issues to report directly to the superior party organizations; found that other team members have violations of laws and legal issues, and should be reflected and reported to the party organization in accordance with the procedures, for concealing, when "old good people" The parties are responsible for consolidation.

  Strengthen supervision of the lower-level leadership team, "Measures" clearly proposed, to promote the standardization of the supervision of the lower level leaders, strengthen supervision and guidance on the system of the democratic life, strictly put the selection of people, strengthen the report of the letter and visit, and regulate the leadership The family members of the cadre, doing cases, and the case, the case is protected, and the problem is promoted. In addition, "measures" put forward work requirements on strengthening the leadership, responsibility of supervision, etc.. "Measures" clearly puts strengthening the "one hand" and leadership supervision work in full strict administration of the party’s responsibility assessment, and the responsibility will be implemented. (Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Co., Ltd. || Responsible Editor Guo Xing) (Editor: Thin Morning, Wu Nan).

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