Seminar, the "Building New China and World Relations", Youth Reading Research Association

  Song Tao pointed out in the speech, organizing young international issues, aims to analyze the current complex situation, strengthen research and think around the Party Central Committee, major international issues, etc., combine reading learning, exchange research and promotion work, serving Suggestions for the high quality development of the party’s external work. Song Tao pointed out: First, it is clear that politics is clear.

Youth Party’s external workers should always adhere to the correct political direction, firmly political position, and consciously maintain a high degree of the party central part of Xi Jinping comrades with Comrade Xi Jinping. When you discuss international issues, we must improve political stations. If you want to think about the central government, urgent centrally, be the center of the center, good at politically viewing international relations, political parties, and consciously put political requirements In the heart, externalization is reflected in the implementation of work deployment. Second, we must adhere to the unpacking mind of Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking and carry out work. Youth comrades must be carefully studied, in-depth collar Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking, consciously use the Marxist position of the Marxist position to work, find accurate and originate, and strive to condense the party’s foreign work, strengthen international political leadership, Interpretation of the new development concept, and promote the constructing new development pattern. Third, it is necessary to raise political judgment on international issues.

Youth Party’s external workers observe the analysis situation First, we must first grasp the political factors, adhere to the correct historical concept, large-scale view, role view, and obligate the internal nature of the international situation, and promote the strength of the power, in depth, think about what is the world that China needs? What kind of China is needed in the world, and strives to provide more ideological products to promote China’s benign interactions and the world.

Four to strengthen problem-oriented, continuously improve political understanding and political execution.

Youth Party’s foreign workers should improve political understanding, insist on learning to learn from the diplomacy of foreign diplomacy, consciously use Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking analysis situation, work, and the "country" is the chest, always with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core The center maintains a high degree of high. It is necessary to improve political execution, often with the spirit of the Party Central Committee, to achieve the resolute response of the party’s central government, the resolute implementation of the Party Central Committee decision, the party’s central government is prohibited, and the unclosure to implement the general secretary of Xi Jinping Indicates the principle of disclosure and the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee. Strive to dedication, actively act, take the nail spirit, row, bravely bare, actively engage in the new era of the party’s external work, the real knife, the real gun, the ability to hammer the ability, and show the active as action.

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