Being courage, good at the basic requirements for party members and cadres in the new era

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that officers are active, it is the responsibility of cadres, and it is also worth it. Dare to take, good at active requirements for the party members and cadres of the new era. The emergency management department undertakes important safety risks to prevent significant security, and should promptly deal with important responsibilities of all kinds of disaster accidents, and take important mission to protect the people’s lives and property safety and maintain social stability.

The spirit of emergency management cadres study and implement Xi Jinping General Secretary Important Speech must consciously integrate personal struggle into the new era emergency management reform and development overall situation, courage to act, good at active, loyal to the initial mission of the emergency person.

Strengthen the politics in the Zhixing of the Zhixing. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the majority of cadres, especially young cadres, to strengthen theoretical cultivation in the normally learned, in the real trust, in mind, keep in mind the initial mission in the student science, and constantly cultivate self, The active service is actively taken in the first part of the world. my country is one of the most serious countries in the world. There are many types of disasters, widely distributed, high frequency, resulting in loss of loss. Maintaining the people’s peace, social stability, national security is the faith of the new era.

We must resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary, in order to be faithful to the party, worry about the party, for the party, for the political blessings of the people, to fulfill its functional responsibilities, prevent and control the specific actions of major risks, and strive for the party and The people strive for greater glory.

Strengthening in the purpose of practicing.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we must insist on the fundamental purpose of the people wholeheartedly, for the people to seek benefits, for the people, for the people, to the people, the yearning for the good life, always maintain the party with the people Blood and blood contact.

The emergency management industry is related to thousands of households. It is related to the safety of the people’s lives and property and the social stability. It is related to the people’s heart and warm, and the heart is back, and it is related to the national long rules. Since this year, the national security production situation has always stabilized, the number of accidents and deaths continue to maintain "double decline", but the incidental rebound momentum is obvious. As an emergency person in the new era, we must always adhere to the people’s first, life first, to protect the people’s lives and property safety as the most realistic "big people", when the people are most needed, the charge is before, helping people in distress In the middle, give the people to strength and heart. Strengthen history in the fight against the struggle. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that doing things always have risks.

Because there is risky, you need to take it. Anything that is conducive to the party and the people, we must not take refuge, the righteousness does not escape, boldly dry, and firmly dry.

A generation of people have a generation of people, a generation of people a generation.

The emergency management department can prevent risk, stability, safety, and directly inspect our spirit of struggle. We must always keep the safety production base plate, fundamentally, close attention to the disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief blind area, close attention to the emergency rescue short board weakness, and the spirit of the struggle throughout the emergency management full process, courage to the accident disaster emergency first line to true The knife is robbed, and the true nature of the resolution of the crisis is grinded in the thousands of grinding hits. In active as a strong responsibility. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is an integral, it is not as good as it is, and it is necessary to be active. The emergency management department adheres to emergency values ??24 hours a day, and it is always possible to face extreme conditions and life and death at any time. We must establish a position is the mission. The responsibility is the awareness of the order, no matter which position, what positions, you must do good deeds and actively do it, take as an emergency rescue practice in safe production, disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief and emergency rescue practice. , Take a good hand chess, make a good active, and powerful should have a challenge to all kinds of risk challenges.

(Source: "Banner" 2021, 2021, 10th; Emergency Management Department Emergency Commander) (Editor: Jia Zejuan sent: Zhang Cheng pays: Zhong Ming).

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