“This is the first time I have seen real silver ingots,but,This shape is a bit strange,Not as pretty as in TV series。”Lao Zhou looked at the silver ingot in Hu Yang’s hand and said。

Hu Yang smiled:“This is private bank。”
“Private Bank?”Lao Zhou who knows nothing about antiques is confused。
Wen Wenhao explained to him,From the Ming Dynasty,Silver ingots began to be divided into official casting and private casting。Official silver,The shape and shape are very strict,After all, it was cast from a mold。Private banking is different,Some private banks are even handmade,The shape will be more casual。
Especially since the Qing Dynasty,The shape of silver ingots is more diverse,Each province has its own advantages,Similar to the Same Work。
For example,Just outstanding,Because it looks like an archway,And because of its silver color,Can be trusted,Hence the name。
in fact,Even if it is an official bank,The shape of each dynasty will also change,Old Zhou they saw in the TV series,Almost all ingots from the Qing Dynasty。
The shape of silver ingots in the Han Dynasty was cake-like;Tang Dynasty is generally rectangular strip,There are both pie and boat shapes。
The shape of silver ingots in Song Dynasty was mainly collar,Wider than Tang Yin、Thicken,The four corners of the front are slightly tilted,Weight-shaped,Two arcs at both ends form a waist shape。
The shape of silver ingots in Yuan Dynasty is not much different from Song Dynasty,The distinction between inscriptions without inscriptions is that the periphery is raised,Concave in the middle,Most yuan ingots have no inscriptions。
The shape and length of silver ingots in the Ming Dynasty became shorter than in the Yuan Dynasty,While the thickness increases,The waist is smaller,The arcs at both ends disappear,Increased perimeter,Especially the two ends are more prominent,Form a pair of wings。
“Is the private bank less valuable??”Lao Zhou couldn’t help asking。
In his values,The official ones are the best。
Actually,Most people with his thinking,Took it for granted“Pay more attention to official ingots than private silver”Misunderstanding,Think that official ingots are cast by the government,Color is guaranteed,The inscription is clear and regular,Because of the high collection value。
Private banking,Disorderly color,The inscriptions are simple or complex and difficult to distinguish,Because of low collection value。
“uncertain,Brother Zhou。”Xiao Gao said。
Although he is a rookie,But he still understands the truth,Even porcelain,Official kilns are not necessarily more exquisite than folk kilns。
Whether it is official ingot or private bank,Whether it’s the appreciation value or its investment value,Cannot be generalized。
“Ok!Xiao Gao is right!The collection value of an ingot of silver,It depends on the historical background of silver ingots、tax、Ticket number、Related knowledge of currency circulation,And combine the source in the inscription、Origin、Furnace name、Weight and other elements。

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