but,Hunch is fighting,Not a game murder,Instead, who has reached a strategic purpose。

Applying their sacrifice,Not worthless。The biggest value is,Section of the Jinyang Liu Town Army,Decay。Although it is certain that they will never go too far.,But finally, the first battle did not fight crash!
To know,This is the front and Jinyang six towns army hard!In addition to the box,Do not make use of any instruments,Don’t play a category of a class。
At the moment of the battle,Goddess military can retreat from the fierce attack,Then done self-motivation,It is enough to explain how to train in weekdays,Almost the point of the engraved。
This is visible,The Goddess force is a technical footage.,Disciplined army,They lack,Just a victory and condense“Military soul”!
And other army do not mention,If it does not participate in the intersection and integration in the future,In addition to the high-rise, there is still a lot of cohesiveness that will be affordable after the people will have.,The rest is not worth mentioning。
Gao Bi spitted the size of the mouth,Pick the helmet,Try to make yourself calm。
In the end,He did feel it as a master,That kind of“Refreshment”。Don’t take what tactics,Direct knife,Cut forward,How cool!
However,He is awake at the critical moment.,See the routines that will be used by Duan Yu,Timely order the big army to stop shrink。
If you can’t make sure to win,So,God-winning military grain is not lacking,Basic disk is not lacking,No need to think about a battle!
Unable to win,That will win。not to mention,He still has a killer.。
That trick is not,How can I be uncomfortable?,I feel that I have been in this world.。
Section of the hills withdrew from the army after the army,It has established a simple big camp with the hill.,Treatment of wounded soldiers,Take some dry food,Take a break。
It’s a bloody,Go to Duan Yao,Argade:“Large manager,Our department is heavy today,I am afraid that the next battle is afraid to be a striker.,Also, please。”
His tone is extremely impatient and is welcome,obviously,For Duan Zhao’s patience,It has already reached the pole,I have to break out.。
“I have known,After the next battle,No need to kill,Other I will arrange。”
Duan Yu and Yan Yue。
綦 綦 猛 拱 手 手 手 辞。
His performance,In the expectation of Duan Zhao。Or,If you are, if you are, if you are 吭 吭 吭 吭,I am afraid that Duan Yu will find a head to take it out of the head.。
I don’t know if I have turned around the ghost door.。
“today,A little bit,Ugh。”
Duan Yu sighed。
If it can break the Gao Baoyi today,It’s just how it is.。Especially the final,He deliberately sold a broken,The other party actually didn’t,And the army can also prohibit the line。
Enemies,I know that I know my pound.,This so-called“I don’t know you, not your parents.,But your enemy”。Duan Yue at the moment,I feel some of myself.“The rivers and lakes are old”。
today,Mo Duo is watching the left wing,In addition to being harassed by Gao Baoyi’s harassment,Other times,Not fierce battle。
Duan Zhao sent people to find Modeo,The two arrived at a secret location。
“Tonight,You have my own horses,Night hits Gao Biyi big camp。When the child is going,The victory is here.!”
Tonight night attack?
Modeo, there is a question,Since this war is so important,Why do you not have yourself??

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