Looking at Yao Yao beside Xiang Chen,Zhou Ziyi smiled apologetically,But the most basic sincerity is missing in the eyes。

“you are welcome,Just find a chance to solve this unpleasantness!”
Xiang Chen said with a smile。
Do not judge heroes by success or failure,But like Cai Kunpeng,I always find the lost face!Not for many people,Just to make myself feel at ease。
After listening to Xiang Chen,Zhou Ziyi hesitated slightly,Then lean forward,Asked:“Otherwise, it’s better to hit the sun?”
“How can!”
Xiang Chen smiled and waved,Said:“The prince dared to come alone,I’m not a stingy person,You will be ready in Beijing another day,We come to visit!”
Xiang Chen’s words made Zhou Ziyi’s face twitch slightly,Bring the dragon head of the dragon group and the dragon seven of the dragon claws,If such a lineup needs a mighty bodyguard,That’s the real irony。
“Then I’ll wait!”
Zhou Ziyi smiled,There is also not much expectation on the face。
Look at the time,Just when Zhou Ziyi frowned slightly,Zhou Ziyi saw Mo Mo next to Xiang Chen whispering to him,Then the brows gradually stretched out。
“Scanning the QR code may be affected by the quota,Thought for a while,Let’s transfer the money directly to you!May be a bit more,It’s the brother’s medical expenses!”
Zhou Ziyi said to Xiang Chen,Then I took the cup from Cai Kunpeng。
“Is it expensive?,But for the face of my brother,I think it’s worth it!”
Zhou Ziyi smiled and said to Cai Kunpeng,Cai Kunpeng sighed,Nod gently。
hencefund.After listening to Momo’s feedback,Xiang Chen looked at the numbers Mo Mo showed him again,1There are many0。
For the son of the capital, he has money,This is an indisputable fact,But I didn’t expect the son of the capital to be so rich!
“I’m just a little curious,You are here alone,Why is there my information so soon??”

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