Anthony·Fokker pointed to the ten parked cars in red、There is a huge red hanging on the hoodLexus LS,Curiously asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,This is the newly launched luxury brand of your companyLexusCar??”
“Yes,Anthony,Your news is so sensitive?”
Chen Geng vs. Anthony·Fokker’s message spirit is so sensitive to surprise,In order to catch up with today’s ribbon cutting ceremony,These tenLexus LSBut it was shipped from the United States to Tianjin by air.,Just cleaned up this morning、Put on big red silk,This car is not on sale in Europe at all,Anthony·How would Fokker know?
First819chapter Ahead of McDonnell Douglas
“European media……”Chen Geng touched his nose:“Although I didn’t watch,But I didn’t say anything good about me.?”
“That’s not,Those mainstream car media that cherish feathersLSThe evaluation is still relatively high,”Anthony·Fokker’s answer was a bit beyond Chen Geng’s expectations:“Like german《AutoBild》with《Auto,MotorundSport》、British《autocar》,CorrectLSAre very high,But in terms of ride comfort,YourLSIs the most comfortable premium car they have reviewed……”
Is that so?
The evaluation of European media surprised Chen Geng,But think carefully:Also!Even if these European media want to hack themselves,Can’t be foolish,after all,If those who test-ride and test-drive find that their test-ride feels are too different from the media’s evaluation,What they lose is their own credibility,This is what they depend on for food……Feathers should be cherished。
But even so,Chen Geng does not believe that these European media will be so kind:“They are rightLSDriving and handling?What do you say?”
“Uh……”Faced with this problem of Chen Geng,Anthony·The look on Fokker’s face is a bit awkward:“This one……”

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