“He Jian and the cold are now appended from this step.,He Jian is buckled,Alpine will use the destruction of the film to have the Americans to let go of He Jian,We caught the same results.,In the film, we can only put it.。”
“Long pool class is very smart.!”Galche is fortunate,
“I just know more about these Chinese people.!”
“it is good,Thank you for the assistance of the tailor length,Just get the film,I will give you a photo.!”Gol promise,Too pool-taking these links haven’t thought of him before.,If you can do it according to your own ideas,The possibility of getting the film is almost zero,Gol is preparing for the direct force to grab the film.。
Successful success can be as small,Now I have this long poolicon help Gal really I have seen hope.。
The next day or this time,He Jian is another person who appears in the teahouse,Hengdi has a very punctual appearance of translation。
“Mr. He,We promised to give you five million dollars!Money can make a lot of money tomorrow。”
“very good!That put the money, call me,I will tell you the trading location.!”
“Don’t you send the film to the embassy??”Heng Deli,
“Mr. Hengley,I am coming to the embassy to trade with you, isn’t it to die?,do not worry,We just ask for money,Otherwise, it will not come to Chongqing not far away.,As long as you bring money,We will definitely give you the film.,Because we have to use these films。”
“Since there is no use……”
“Mr. Hengley Don’t think more,We are useless,German,Japanese,Soviet people are useful,If they know that I am selling these films,Even if you ask them to have a million dollars they will also give,Why sell it to you?,That is because Mr. Thomas is born.。”
“it is good,We understand,Then call tomorrow.!”
This negotiation is very happy,He Jian turned and left,There are a few casual clothes to protect him from the tea building.。
Rui Rui came to Gal’s car:“They are very busy,Americans will pay 5 million US dollars to buy film!”
“We also find him to talk,We give them six million!”
“Gol colonel,He Jian said just now.,These film will not be sold to you Germany and our Japanese!Even if Americans don’t buy,They will also go to the Soviet Union。”
“Thomas Bewlope, they can’t sell it to you.,Because Thomas is Jewish!Not selling to us because we are Japanese。”
“Then grab!”
“Correct,We only have this approach,grab!”
“Did you grab it when they trade??”
“This is not necessarily,We are staring tomorrow,He went out from Jialing Hotel and should be with all the film.,Once there is a chance, we will shoot!”
“it is good!Listen to you。”
“Gal,You don’t have to bring so many people tomorrow.,He Jian knows you,First of all, you are too easy to expose,Second, I am worried that once I was discovered.,I misunderstood that you have an American affected our actions.。”
“Then what if they do?”
“Gol colonel,It seems that you still have not experienced such things.,If you put forward the trading location,Will you send people in advance to investigate??”
“that’s right,I will send people to the past.。”
“He Jian will also,According to our tracking and investigation,They have only a total of more than a dozen people,If you send a few tomorrow,How many people are still left behind?,At that time, we still have the opportunity.。”
“Long pool class!This time is really much, you are coming.,I didn’t expect you to have this experience.。”
“Do not,Again,I am more understanding Chinese thinking.。”
“Then I wish us to succeed tomorrow.!”
“Be able to succeed!”
Gol belt back to the Embassy,Rui Rui turned a few cars bent。
“Certainly hook,Let them watch the big show tomorrow!”Ritual,
“Ha ha,Small nine,How about this trick??”
“Too steady!”

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