“spider,Spider essence”

“Don’t come over.!”
After Liao Jie out,Tree red line wrap,Hand and feet of eight strong men,Hang them hang up。
Human face is injured,It is a pork head。
“Master,You haven’t joked it.,Discount this thing。”Pick up at the stone table,Birthless folded paper crane。
“Let you fold,Not let you perfunctory,Dessert,How do I usually teach you?,Self-cultivation,The whole god is always put into the paper crane”
Yan Biai clamped the white paper in the hands of the child,Trainement:“Like you, three hearts,Which tyrant is still learning,I still don’t have the teacher in my life.!”
This morning,Pick up the child to pick up the burden,Just got home, I was grabbed by Yan Biansia.,Drag to the gazebo practice origami crane。
I am very interested in the dance gun.,Origami crane
Also have no grinding tofu fun,At least grinding tofu can exercise。
Pick up the apprentice of Yan Chi,It is also half son,Pick up、Pick up,The son of Yan Chinensia,Just starting,Pick up the baby in the 襁褓。
Yan Biai, a urine, a urine,The feeling of investment has long been more than the feelings of the teacher.,so,Although the children are often tempered, he violently jumped.,But he is reluctant to fight。
Is there a little bad,Yan Biai is a father,inexperienced,The care of the children is a little excessive.。
Do not say,I can’t rest assured in my heart.,Worried that he was cheated by the bad guy、Worried that he encounters powerful demon、Worried that he encounters a head of the girl
In the eyes of Yan Baxia,Twenty five children,Still a half size,World is too dangerous,Put out on the disaster。
all in all,This old father often suffers from,I am afraid of my son.,Therefore, it is dead.。Obviously, you can have alone.,But he is not willing to let it go.,Find various ways to combat pick,Let it know that you can not help,I can’t go out of this life.。
Pick up and destroy,Heart is very dissatisfied,But he also regards Yan Chi Xia as a pro.,I haven’t said anything.。Even if Yan Chixneau is forbidden to him,Don’t let him make friends,It is just silent tolerance。
“Master,I think I am very powerful.,Nearby demon ghosts,I can flatter easily.。”Pick up the small soundBB。
“Humph,What do you think,I want to think。”
Yan Bixia disdain:“and,Nearby demon ghosts are too lazy to smile,Leave you to practice,if not,You have already killed it later.。”
“what,You are Master,What you said is。”
“Less yin and yang,I have a heart method.,You listen carefully.”
Speaking of which,Yan Biansi stopped,Liao Jie, turning to look back, a face, no one:“What do you stand this?,I am from the people’s way of disciples.!”
“Oh,Then I don’t stand it.。”
Liao Jie nodded,One ass sitting on the stone seat。
Yan Biai’s eye angle,I have never seen the skin is so thick.。
Pick up the thumbs up to Liao Jie,Really, Jiege,Three words, let Master can’t say,This matter,He must learn hands。
“Pick up,I will give you a sample.,Take a closer look。”
Yan Chi, Liao Jie, two eyes,See it,Sigh, I have a hint,After folding up the paper crane。
He is skillful,How much is it?,Closed eyes can also get it easily,But a few breathing,A lifelike paper crane flew away from him.。
“Bravo,Master,How can you make it fly??”
“With your rough sex,At least one thousand three hundred sixty five,Paper crane can feel your sincerity。”
“so much!?”
“hehe,This is already less。”
Yan Chi shakes his head,See the Liao Jie on the side,I have already started,Get up and take a slap in the hands of your head,Urge:“What is it?,Thousands of three hundred and sixty-five consecutive,No folding is not allowed to stop。”
“Ah this year”

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