“Hey-hey,Do you want me to join you?,In fact, I will also cooked.。”

“Need not,These scorpions are coming,When you have a good time。”
When I said this, Zhao Xiaoli is also a pretty face.,I quickly entered the kitchen again.。
Not long,A green dish is also on the table,Soon fried chicken leg,The fried prawn and the steamed squid are connected.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect Zhao Xiaoli to stir so many dishes.。
“Scull,This is too much.?
I am afraid that I can’t finish it.。”
“fine,If you can’t eat, we can continue to eat tomorrow morning.,Do you have a wine??”
“Forehead,Beer inside the refrigerator,But this day I feel not very hot.,So didn’t take it out。”
I listen to wine,Zhao Xiaoli also took it directly。
There are more than ten kinds of beer in the refrigerator.。
Li Hui saw this scene,In an instant, I feel that the other party is what I want to drunk his rhythm.,Just this, how can some beer drunk him?!However, he also wants to see what medicine sold in the other party tonight.。
“Scull,Are you ready to drink so much wine??
Not afraid of being drunk?”
“Gill this beer can get drunk me?
You are too small, I am.,The scorpion tells you,When I got the farm childhood,I often let the business drink with people.,Basically, I can’t get drunk one pounds.,However, since your Liu Shu is going to be a child, I will drop it.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli directly opened two irrigation,Hand it to Li Hui。
“Drinking with you tonight is to cancel your doubts,Tell you that the scorpion is not to give you a cooking with you.,It’s just that you want to thank you.,Understand?”
Zhao Xiaoli said so,Li Hui also nodded,Laugh:“clear,clear。”
Looking at Li Hui Feng, the face of relief,Zhao Xiaoli didn’t feel Li Hui Feng.。
“I don’t understand, I don’t thank you for making so many dishes.?”
“Hey-hey,The first can I will respect the beer.,Thanks to the scorpion, come over, so hard to help me cook.,The kind of thanks from the heart。”
For the discourse on the scene of Li Anti-wind,Zhao Xiaoli is obviously dissatisfied。
“You know the perfunctory,Nothing,This can a scorpion is half a,You do it out。”
Li Hui also considered the words that Zhao Xiaoli said before.,For each other,Can say that,And still a pound of alcohol,The man is probably that it is necessary to drink it again by Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Hey-hey,Listen to the scorpion,I do it.,Puzi you are free。”
Finish,Li Hui is directly looking up with the wind.。
Until drinking dry net,Only put the beer can。
Zhao Xiaoli saw that this is also happy in mind.,That pair is even more likely.。
“it is good,The scorpion also drinks half。”
After Zhao Xiaoli drunk,Let’s hurry to eat vegetables with the wind.。
“breeze,The scorpion shows you today.,It is a purpose for you to find you today.。”
The first thousand ninety-two chapters drunk
Zhao Xiaoli said that it was two cans。

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