Tianjin opened the first personal charging "green tertiary"

People’s Daily Online Tianjin On December 2nd, the public was driving a new energy vehicle to the Jinmen Lake New Energy Car Comprehensive Service Center for charging. After charging, the "green tertiary", this is also Tianjin The first personal charging "green tertiary vision certificate" opened by the city.

According to reports, the "green tertiary" is a certificate of customer use of green energy power. After the "E-charging" App is fully charged, the order will automatically generate the green corner label identifier. After the point can be opened, you can see the "Green Power Trace Document" corresponding to the order, mainly including green electricity certificate code, green electricity type, green Contents such as power generation and generation time, while sharing and displaying on social software.

"Green Power Trace Diploma" is applied to block chain technology. The technology has tamper-proof, publicly transparent characteristics, effectively guarantees the original data of the "green tertiary voucher", process data is trusted, and the results are easy to share.

Personal "Green Power Tracking Document" has provided customers with authority, reliable green electricity transaction consumption certification. It is of great significance to speed up the "Double Carbon" target in the context of the Tianjin land, it is of great significance to issuing and promoting personal "green tertiary".

In order to further implement the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration "Green Power Transaction Pilot Work Plan", build an energy revolutionary pioneer city, National Network Tianjin Electric Power in-depth research zone chain green traceability technology, create a full-time green electricity system from power generation to charging .

On December 1st, the Jinmen Lake New Energy Car Integrated Service Center officially enabled the green tendency to trace the source. It is understood that the Jinmen Lake New Energy Car Integrated Service Center is the first comprehensive service center in the country’s "digital networking intelligence", and is also the largest charging station in Tianjin.

All of this green electricity transaction from Shanxi photovoltaic power generation enterprises, which are used in Jinmen Lake New Energy Car Integrated Service Center for a total of 2 million kilowatts. According to the conventional new energy car battery capacity, the end of life is 300 kilometers. It is expected to charge 50,000 new energy vehicles, and the rooms can reach 15 million kilometers, and there is approximately 2590 tons of carbon dioxide. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

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