Elizabeth was full of excitement,She has already taken the initiative to think about Lu Menglin,I’m afraid that this sir does not have enough money。

“enough!Enough!On behalf of the club, I thank Master Lu for his generosity and integrity,You will become the club’s most loyal friend。”Elizabeth stood up on her own initiative,Shaking the proud twin peaks,Take the initiative,Prevent Liu Niu’er from continuing to transfer。
“Ok!about there!”Lu Menglin gave an order,Liu Niu’er stood up expressionlessly,Silently stepped aside。
Anyone just transferred more than four billion dollars from his account,Probably not in a good mood,So it’s normal for him to be black。
“Mr. Lu,Thank you so much!If you have any requirements,I will try my best to cooperate,And conveyed to the club executives。”Elizabeth smiled。
As long as the other party is willing to pay,Pay enough money,She is in a good mood,Willing to anything。
“Just a loyal friend?I should be eligible to be a member of the club?”Lu Menglin smiled faintly。
Elizabeth heard these words,Suddenly eyes light up,Nod,Smiled:“in my opinion,No problem at all!You are the strongest,Another successful businessman,Is a respectable gentleman,I think the club will welcome such an outstanding person as you to join。”
“Ok,I’ll leave this to you!I am also happy to be friends with a smart woman like you。”Lu Menglin nodded and said。
“Ok!No problem at all!Just wait for my good news!”Elizabeth’s charming smile said。
Things are so smooth,At this moment,She even has an illusion,Is it because of my own charm,Have you conquered this mighty oriental kid??otherwise,How could he obediently hand over more than four billion dollars?
For a time,The secret medicine warriors behind them looked at Elizabeth with reverence.,This is a legendary woman,Her wisdom and charm are unstoppable,Even more than pure power!
“correct,Ms. Elizabeth,The project you mentioned last time about new blood test technology,What stage has it been?”Lu Menglin seems to be looking for a topic,Casually asked。
When I mentioned the super project I traded,Elizabeth was full of energy,Shriek:“The project has reached the completion stage,Ready to enter the Asian market。Mr. Lu,If your company cooperates with my project,I believe we will make a lot of money soon。
Trust me,This is definitely a wonderful experience,We are using technology to promote the advancement of human medical care,A monument of history will remember both of us!”
Lu Menglin nodded repeatedly,Smiled:“Ms. Elizabeth,I believe in advanced technology in Europe,I also believe in your professionalism,I will let the corporate channel fully cooperate with you,Promote from now on!”
“Great!This is really the best news!As long as we work together,Open the Asian market quickly,Trust me,You will get a huge return!but me,Will also be among the tens of billions club,Be your strongest ally in the club!”
Elizabeth’s words,Obviously it is quite open,This is her long-standing ambition,Is the greatest sincerity she can show。
After all, I just received 4 billion U.S. dollars,There is nothing more sincere than this。

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