Did not directly answer this question,Chen Geng did not wrinkle,Ask He Kai:“Mr. He,If I remember correctly,The engine used in Yunqi is a turboprop-5a,Right?”

“Is a turboprop5A-1,”He Kai doesn’t quite understand why Chen Geng suddenly mentioned this,But this does not prevent him from explaining this immediately:“5A-1Power from5Aof2550The horsepower is now2900horsepower,Much stronger power reserve。”
“Oh,”Chen Geng responded,Then asked:“How about the fuel consumption of this engine?Ok,I’m talking about the current international50Rolls, the most widely used on seat propeller regional aircraft·Royce‘Dart’MK550、Pratt·Whitney Canada PlacePW125BSeries compared。”
Chen Geng hasn’t finished speaking yet,He Kai’s face turned into a big red cloth。
In terms of absolute power performance,Turboprop5A-1Birols indeed·Royce“Dart”MK550、Pratt·Whitney CanadaPW125BBetter,But in the field of civil aircraft,Whether to choose a certain engine can’t just look at the power performance of this engine,Compared to power,Fuel consumption level、Noise level、Engine life is actually more important,Turboprop at these two points5The series is too far。
“This one……”Tweeted a few words,He Kai forcefully defended:“Turboprop5A-1There is indeed a gap between the level of fuel consumption and the international advanced level of turboprop engines of the same level.,But buy turboprop5A-1No need to use foreign exchange。”
Chen Geng:“……”
Ok,The reason for not spending foreign exchange is indeed very powerful!
But this also reminds Chen Geng……
“Mr. He,Is it too early for us to talk about this issue??Is Fokker willing to help Xifei?,We are still not sure。”
“This one……Hehe……”He Kai rubs his hands,That expression is simply wretched:“I know that Fokker is now working on it at the same timeF100withF50Development of two models,But Mr. Chen, your relationship with Fokker is unusual,This one……”
Only then did Chen Geng understand He Kai’s little abacus:Good guy,You really think of me as free labor?
Don’t wait for He Kai to finish,Chen Geng refused without hesitation:“Mr. He, you look at me high,I don’t have that much energy at Fokker……Ok,I can ask you no problem,But the specific price,You Xifei go to talk with Fokker。As for our cooperation,It’s almost time for you to discuss the price with Fokker,Let’s talk。”
This result is not what He Kai wants most,But it’s pretty good,He nodded:“Ok,Then trouble you Mr. Chen。”
Speaking of which,He Kai paused,Suddenly it seemed to ask Chen Geng inadvertently:“Mr. Chen,Just to ask,How long will your company be able to achieveMK650Fully localized?What is the price after fully localized?”

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