However, just when George prepared to issue an order to Goldman Sachs’ trading seat on the Chicago Board of Trade,When a liquidation stop is required,An incredible scene happened。

suddenly,I saw that3Monthly corn futures tradingKThe line rushes straight up like crazy,When George reacts,Prices have risen nearly30%!
George is completely crazy!
Just a few minutes,George lost nearly ten million dollars,The matter caught the attention of the Goldman Sachs Trading Supervisory Committee!
They suspended George’s trading authority,I want George to sort out relevant information within an hour,Report transaction details to the Transaction Supervisory Committee。
in other words,Transaction Supervision Committee“Double regulation”George!
When desperate George learned of the huge fluctuations in corn futures,It was caused by the Lehman Brothers job interview,He went crazy on the spot!
George can’t help Qiao Tianyu cramp,Chop into meat sauce,Can’t solve the hatred!
Watching“Double regulation”Time is coming,The desperate George played tricks,I want to threaten the Trading Supervisory Committee to give him a chance to make a comeback。
However embarrassing,The Trading Supervisory Committee doesn’t eat this,Hang George on the roof,Let him jump,Not jumping nor!
“amount,He didn’t know me before!”Qiao Tianyu took a long breath。
What time-space distortion?!
It’s all those Internet writers!
“Hey!Hey!Hey!What dazed!”
I don’t know when,The little fat face came to Qiao Tianyu’s side,Urged Qiao Tianyu。
“Your sin,You are responsible!”
I’ll wipe it!
What is my evil?!
Qiao Tianyu was not convinced in his heart!
Everyone sees,Just now at Lehman Brothers,Choose by yourself3Month corn futures,But your chubby face comrade,good or not?

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