Lu Weijun hugged her in his arms,Dear her forehead,Forehead with her forehead,The sound is apologized.:“Xixi,sorry,Let you be wronged。 ”

Lu Weijun is very self-blaming,I watched her is bullying.。
Yue Lingxi laughs:“fine,I have not been wronged.,Didn’t I go back??I am not idiot,I don’t say a word to others.。”
“Our Xixi awesome!”Lu Yujun also kissed her forehead.。
He took her hand back to the living room,After two people sit down,Lu Weijun poured tea in Yue Lingxi。
“Xixi,Drink some tea first,I will take a gift。”Lu Weijun lightly patted her shoulder。
Yue Lingxi is a bit surprised to watch him:“What a gift??”
Lu Yujun laughed:“Prepare you,I will give you a card.,You seem to have used a penny.。”
Yue Lingxi:“I also don’t have much money to use money.,I want to buy clothes,You have prepared a lot of your wardrobe.,And all I like the type,I still have money.?”
Lu Weijun:“I will prepare for you later.,You can prepare your favorite things for your beloved.,I’m very happy!”
Lu Weijun smiled home,Yue Lingxi is in the original place。
Lu Weijun quickly took a gift box.。
He put it on the coffee table,Open,A very beautiful white dress inside,Diamond is also set。
“Wow!”Yue Lingxi as a designer,No need to open all,I know that this dress is very beautiful.。
“Why give me a dress?I don’t prepare any banquets.?”Yue Lingxi face is the joy of concealing。
She has seen this style,A similar style abroad,But the more beautiful in China。
Lu Weijun:“This is my mother’s dress.,Is her collection,If there is no suitable person to send out,Finally, I also wore Kiki.。”
“This dress is called by Kiki.,She let me give you,Said you very suitable for you。”
“I will thank you Qieqi.,I really like it.!”
Lu Yujun asked:“Do you want to try??”
Looking at the smile on her face,I know that she likes it.。
“do not want,Aunt,Of course, I have to wait until I get it.。”She is now able to wear。
Slim ten fingers carefully stroked smooth and soft cloth,The diamonds on the upper side shine,Really too beautiful。
Lu Yujun looked at her love,Uncomfortable gentle。
Yue Lingxi is very lucky,She really can wear the clothes of the fashion queen, the fashion queen, the north and south of the year.。
Her clothes she designed every quarter,She is very serious。
Blue Xin Designed clothes,Whether it is from the fabric or from the style,Everyone feel very comfortable。
“Ah.……Lu Weijun,I am reluctant to wear it.,How to do?I want to collect it.。”
Lu Yujun looked at her excitement,Chu。
He sits around her,Hold her,“If you collect it,There is no value it.。”
“After a few days, Yida Group has a ribbon,There is a banquet in the evening at the hotel.,You go with me.。”
“do not want。”Yue Lingxi shook his head。
Lu Weijun:“why?”
Yue Lingxi:“Anyway, don’t work now.,After I marry you,I will fulfill the responsibility of my wife.,Now I am just your girlfriend,I will become a woman’s father-in-enemy of the whole river.。”
“Life than a rich wife,I still think about calm life.,At leisure, our two will appoint this.,Cook together,Things to do together。”
Lu Wei’s understanding,I haven’t been unhappy,The opposite of,He also doesn’http://www.ydxlxhg.cnt like his own woman throwing。
“Good,All along with you。”Lu Wei couldn’t help but relatives in her white cheeks.。
Yue Lingxi has been accustomed to him from time to time.。
She will be shy when she started.,It’s already shy now.,Habits are so terrible。
“Lu Weijun,Send me back.,Too late, my mother will worry.。”

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