Beijing Deputy Center Library launched the screen installation 276 large glass to create a "forest book garden"

Original title: Deputy Center Library launches the installation of the opening of the surface, the city deputy center library launched the installation of the screen.

Our reporter Gannan took this newspaper (Reporter Sun Yunke) Yesterday, the first steel column of the city deputy center library curtain wall project built by the Beitou Group is officially opened, which marks the official entry stage of the library project. .

It is expected that the screen will be installed at the end of this year. The building facade of the city deputy center library, from 276 large glass parcels, high transparency and openness allow sufficient sunlight to enter, while blurring the boundary, as if it is surrounded by nature, creating "Forest Book Court" A sense of view. In this, the key role is placed, which is a glass curtain wall consisting of ultra-high glasses.

As the skeleton of the large glass system, the construction quality will directly affect the installation of large glass curtain walls.

  China Railway Construction Group City Deputy Center Library Project Technical Department Bone Qianlong introduced that the curtain wall steel column is lifted through 25 tons of cranes, then adjust, spot welding, complex, fixed, acceptance and other processes to complete steel column construction.

There is a total of 158 steel columns in the library project, including 75 Western-side rice steel columns, single weight of about 800 kg; south-faced mountain sketch wall steel column is the highest meter, single weight is about tons; large glass system wedge column highest rice And single weight of the tonne.

  "This link is quite key.

The technical staff of the project department and China Construction Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd. technicians have passed the previous planning review, program preparation, construction deduction, etc. Qianlong said.

  The ultra-high glass curtain wall used by the City Deputy Center Library Project is from the shape or the force system, and there is no precedent in the international. Qianlong told reporters that the non-fungal design of the library curtain wall is a highlight of the project, the curtain wall plate is supported, withstand the level load, of which the largest super large glass is high, wide, heavy tons.

Moreover, due to the difference between the large glass, the plate angle changes between 70 degrees to 130 degrees, the shape is similar to the "corrugated" structure, resulting in a large glass of large glass, which is unique and irreplaceable.

Further, each large glass thickness reaches a centimeter, bonded by a 7-layer glass, and the film is added to each layer, thereby improving the strength of the entire large glass. The library project also designed a ceramic plate curtain wall system at the bottom of the four facade, and the eastern western facade is a rice glass curtain wall system, the north and south facade is mainly glass, and the mountain ceramic plate curtain is step by step. Down. Due to the presence of many technical difficulties, after the first batch of 4 large glass holes were completed, the rest of the large glass was not immediately installed, but the "wind pressure deformation performance test" "rain water permeability test" "air penetration performance test "Flat Deformation Performance Test" four tests used to verify the reliability of the design, and the construction quality of the construction unit. "We built the indoor static pressure box on the first batch of 4 oversized glass, and each test lasted for a week, and finally all successfully passed the acceptance, which also added confidence in subsequent installation. Next us The remaining 272 large glass will continue to be continued in accordance with the design requirements, and it is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

Introduction to Shashang, deputy general manager of the three major construction projects of Beitou Group. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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